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Rapidly deliver network infrastructure service requests with automated cloud-like efficiency.

Your Challenges

IT organizations are constantly pushed to deliver on-premises infrastructure more efficiently to provide a more cloud-like experience to their users. To accomplish this, network teams must provide IT service management platforms, like ServiceNow, with the ability for its users to run infrastructure automations, which will reduce the time to complete new requests and rapidly deliver services to end users.
Stuck in Tickets? Integrate ServiceNow + Itential

For this integration to occur, network teams must work closely with ServiceNow administrators and developers, who are frequently backlogged with high priority projects, incurring delays of weeks or months to get started.

  • Network teams lack the access and ability to integrate automations into ServiceNow, requiring involvement from the ServiceNow team.
  • Complex integration process requires multiple meetings and custom programming, taking weeks to complete.
  • ServiceNow developers are typically a small team with a large backlog of projects, taking months to deliver projects.
  • New automations and changes to existing ones will require additional process with developers and more custom code, repeating the cycle.
Enable Network & Infrastructure Automation in a ServiceNow Flow with Itential’s Latest Release of its ServiceNow App

Deliver Turnkey Network Automations from the ServiceNow Platform

With the Itential ServiceNow application, IT organizations can present network and infrastructure automations into the ServiceNow Platform, allowing users to run these automations to complete IT service requests and deliver infrastructure service request with cloud-like efficiency. 

  • Codeless integration that allows ServiceNow users to run network and infrastructure automations published in the Itential Automation Platform.
  • Dynamic discovery within ServiceNow of newly published automations in the Itential Automation Platform.
  • Simplifies the process to scale the use of infrastructure automations to any ServiceNow user.
  • Provides a concise way to deliver self-service and end-to-end automation, reducing manual ticket churns.

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Embed Itential Automation Actions in ServiceNow Flows

Take your infrastructure automations to the next level with Itential’s capabilities to embed and run network automations directly from a ServiceNow Flow using the set of published Itential Actions. These Actions enable ServiceNow users to request and receive any network resources in real-time, and by embedding these automation requests directly in a Flow, IT organizations will operate more efficiently by mitigating any bottlenecks associated with unnecessary delays caused by manual processes between teams.

  • Enable a Flow to request and receive any network resources needed to for an application or IT service.
  • Provide real-time operational network data to an IT process flow for reports and audits.
  • Dynamically query a list of accessible network automations in the Itential Platform.
  • Determine the status, results, and metrics for a requested network automation.
  • Reference example Flows for Itential Actions to jumpstart your development process.

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ServiceNow Flow with Itential

How the Itential ServiceNow App Works

The Itential ServiceNow application can be installed and configured in minutes, without requiring the assistance of application developers to write custom code. After installation, network and infrastructure automations that are published in the Itential Automation Platform can be made available to specified ServiceNow users through a ServiceNow dashboard or by utilizing Itential Actions in a ServiceNow Flow, allowing them to run the appropriate automations to complete IT request more quickly. As network and infrastructure teams publish more self-service automations, they are immediately identified by the ServiceNow platform through the application, where ServiceNow users can access and run them to complete more work in less time.
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Itential ServiceNow App Features

The Itential ServiceNow application is a critical component for every IT organization looking to become more efficient through their investment in the ServiceNow platform. By delivering a simplified, streamlined solution that brings network and infrastructure automations into the ServiceNow platform, Itential helps enterprises deliver infrastructure changes more efficiently.

For Network Engineers & Automation Engineers

  • Authorize access to automations with service accounts using OATH 2.0.
  • Reduce the backlog of network changes generated by IT requests.
  • Eliminate time-consuming process of maintaining integration with ServiceNow.
  • More time to create, test, and publish network automations for new IT process requests.

For ServiceNow Admins & Developers

  • Streamline operation and integration with existing MID server deployments.
  • Increase the efficiency of ServiceNow users by reducing complex IT request processes.
  • Leverage Itential Actions to directly deliver self-service network infrastructure from a ServiceNow Flow.
  • Simplify installation and eliminate custom development of integration code.
  • Administrate control over which ServiceNow users can utilize which automations.
  • Audit and review automation execution details from the ServiceNow platform.

For IT Management

  • Increase IT efficiency by enabling infrastructure automation within ServiceNow
  • Reduce time to deliver infrastructure services to users.
  • Eliminate constant integration burdens and extra backlog for ServiceNow teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Itential ServiceNow App and what does it do?

The Itential ServiceNow App is an application found in the ServiceNow Store that can be installed in an organization’s ServiceNow instances. Once installed and configured, the app allows ServiceNow users to run automations published in the Itential Automation Platform, making ServiceNow a user of Itential’s automation capabilities. The ServiceNow App also enables ServiceNow workflows to utilize Itential automations through the use of Actions, making it simple for a ServiceNow designer to utilize Itential automations with custom IT processes, without requiring network knowledge.
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How is the application different from the Itential Adapter for ServiceNow?

The Itential Adapter for ServiceNow is installed in the Itential Automation Platform and allows Itential users to utilize common ServiceNow tasks from a workflow. It essentially allows the Itential platform to become a user of the ServiceNow platform, utilizing its API to automate common tasks like creating, updating, and closing tickets or running queries on database tables.
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How is the Itential ServiceNow App installed in the ServiceNow platform?

Your ServiceNow Administrator will install the app using the same method that is used to install any other application from the ServiceNow Store.

See the following YouTube video for details:  ServiceNow Store | How to Try, Buy, and Install Apps

What are the requirements and configurations needed in the Itential Automation Platform?

  • Network connectivity must be available from the ServiceNow instance and the Itential Platform (direct or using MID servers) and access for the https protocol must be allowed.
  • Username and Password credentials and/or an authentication token must be created for the ServiceNow instance.
  • RBAC must be configured in Itential to allow access to the published automations by the username or role created for the ServiceNow App.

What are the requirements and configurations needed in the ServiceNow Platform?

  • Network connectivity must be available from the ServiceNow instance to the Itential platform (direct or using MID servers) and access for the https protocol must be allowed.
  • Accounts for admin and user roles must be created in ServiceNow (see documentation).
  • Itential Automation Platform instances must be configured in ServiceNow.

How do ServiceNow users access and run Itential automations from the ServiceNow App?

Once a ServiceNow user has been assigned the Itential services role, they can access the Itential section from the main navigation menu in ServiceNow. Under this section, they can click Itential Automation Services and specify the IAP instance and automation to run by using drop-down boxes. After completing a form and submitting it, the automation is run on the specified IAP platform.

For customers who want to run Itential automations from within a ServiceNow Flow, they can use the Itential Actions, that are published as part of the ServiceNow App, and utilize them in Flow Designer. Once the app is installed, there are also example Itential Flows that show how to utilize Itential Actions.

Can ServiceNow users create network automations?

No, the Itential ServiceNow App provides users in ServiceNow with access to run existing Itential automations that have already been published. To create network automations, users would need access to the Itential Automation Platform.

How is access to these automations controlled in ServiceNow and Itential?

In the Itential Automation Platform, user accounts or service accounts are created and given access to run specific automations that are published in Operations Manager. In the ServiceNow platform, user accounts are assigned an Itential user role to select and run the automations published in specific IAP instances. This allows both platforms to have controls over automations.

Are there any available Itential Actions for ServiceNow Flow Designer?

Yes. The ServiceNow App includes a set of Actions that are specific to managing and executing automations in the Itential platform. In addition to the published Actions, there are also a number of example Flows that can be reviewed in Flow Designer to help you get started using Actions in your own process automations.

How do I know when an Itential automation is run from ServiceNow?

The ServiceNow app enables logging of all automations that are run from the ServiceNow platform. This data is stored in a table and can be reviewed by a ServiceNow Admin without leaving the platform, under “Itential Automation Services.” Details include user, automation name, date/time, job id, and IAP instance. You can also view the Job execution greater detail from inside the Itential platform, under Operations Manager. Having both methods of automation oversight provides appropriate visibility for both teams operating in each platform.

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