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June 18-20, 2024 | Copenhagen

Transform Service Delivery through Network & Infrastructure Orchestration

As organizations have been looking to expand their orchestration efforts to manage complex, multi-domain services, they have concluded that their traditional OSS lacks the agility and flexibility required for end-to-end, cross-domain services.

Join us at TM Forum’s upcoming DTW Ignite to see how the Itential Automation Platform, with its powerful integration engine, dynamic federation capabilities, and flexible northbound exposure options, has emerged as an alternative to the bloated, inflexible OSS stacks.

By leveraging Itential’s northbound exposure flexibility, teams have the option to expose Itential-orchestrated services through whichever interfaces they need, including TMF interfaces, like TM642, TMF641, TM640, TM638, or TM633 through the Itential ServiceNow native applications such as the new App for ServiceNow OMT.

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Itential for TM Forum

TM Forum Catalyst Project

Dynamic Edge Enabled Applications

Itential participated in a TM Forum Catalyst Project, “Dynamic Edge Enabled Applications” that was showcased at the TM Forum Digital Transformation World Series. The project was comprised of an ecosystem of great vendors and partners including DGIT Systems, Cisco, Deloitte, and Vodafone, all focused on re-imagining and proving an automated, dynamic architecture for end-to-end service activation.

Learn more about the Catalyst Project, which was a finalist for the “Best Use of ODF” and “Visionary Impact” awards:

Itential Delivers Dynamic Edge Enabled Applications for TM Forum Catalyst Project at Digital Transformation Series 2021
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TM Forum Catalyst: Building a Dynamic Architecture with DGIT Systems, Vodafone, Cisco, & Deloitte to Deliver MEC over 5G
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Pitch Video: Enabling Dynamic Edge Enabled Applications
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Demo Video: Digitizing the Customer Service Order to Activation Journey
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Why Communications Service Providers Trust Itential to Orchestrate & Automate their Critical Infrastructure

We originally chose Itential to help accelerate our network automation efforts because of Itential’s intuitive user-interfaces and out-of-the-box integrations with our DevOps tools. Once we saw the power and speed that we were able to obtain with Itential we started expanding it to work with our other controllers and orchestration deployments as well. The Itential solution allowed us to combine what we were doing with Ansible, Cisco and soon an SD-WAN provider, into a single, cohesive network automation strategy.

-Senior Director, Top North America Service Provider

Benefits Delivered to CSPs

Accelerated Time to Market
Itential orchestration users have reduced timelines to introduce new services and to activate new customers by up to 90%, driving faster revenue and reduced customer activation costs.

OPEX & CAPEX Reduction
Effective orchestration can reduce OPEX by up to 80% for network operations use cases, while driving CAPEX reduction through more effective utilization of existing assets.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
Orchestration and automation eliminate manual errors and can perform event-driven closed-loop operations to improve service availability and quality.

Dynamic, Real-Time Service Delivery
By replacing multiple-handoffs and ticket-driven activation processes with full-process orchestration, customer activations that once took days or weeks can be orchestrated in minutes.

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