Connect ServiceNow to Your Infrastructure with Itential.

Itential simplifies integration with diverse network technologies and provides a single integration point to ServiceNow for orchestrating network service order fulfillment from Day 0/1 to Day 2 change management operations and beyond.

With Itential + ServiceNow:

  • Implement and launch new services faster, reduce technical debt and custom development.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for ServiceNow development expertise.
  • Enable network teams to easily expose new capabilities, services, and use cases to ServiceNow.
  • Multiple integration components provide flexibility to implementation teams.

Itential Products for ServiceNow

Itential’s deep integration with ServiceNow accelerates time to deliver new services to end users and reduces time to complete requests by providing network and infrastructure teams as well as ServiceNow users with multiple ways to run and manage infrastructure automations with cloud-like efficiency.

Explore our product portfolio for ServiceNow:

Itential ServiceNow App

The Itential ServiceNow app, available in the ServiceNow Store, provides network teams the ability to present self-serve network and infrastructure automations into the ServiceNow Platform through a dynamic self-service catalog. It uses Itential’s API to dynamically discover any published automations along with their associated forms and can render those forms directly in ServiceNow any time a user decides to run an automation in the platform.

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Itential Actions for ServiceNow Flow Designer

Itential’s ServiceNow app also provides advanced capabilities to embed and run network automations directly from a ServiceNow Flow, using the set of published Itential Actions. These Actions enable ServiceNow users to request and receive any network resources in real-time, resulting in more efficient operations.

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Itential App for ServiceNow OMT

The Itential OMT app, available in the ServiceNow store, provides a fully integrated solution that combines the power of ServiceNow Order Management with the speed and flexibility of the Itential Automation Platform to create an end-to-end order management and orchestrated fulfillment solution – across multiple network technologies and vendors. The solution enables teams to dynamically publish Itential fulfillment services into the ServiceNow OMT Product Catalog, enabling product owners to quickly incorporate orchestrated network services into their new and existing products.

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Itential ServiceNow Adapter

Itential’s codeless integration with ServiceNow enables every API call to be available as drag-and-drop tasks in an Itential automation workflow. Easily onboard production and development versions of ServiceNow in the same platform so teams can quickly adapt existing automations for use with new versions and stay ahead of upcoming changes.

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Enable End-to-End Orchestration for Network Services with Itential + ServiceNow

Comprehensive use cases spanning activation and deployment to ongoing change management.

DAY 0/1
Order Management

Streamline creation of new services & provide orchestrated fulfillment of ServiceNow OMT.

  • RFS Specification Publishing
  • TMF641 Order Fulfillment
  • Service add/modify/delete
  • Service instance data stored in TNI

Integrations with ServiceNow:

Change Management

Orchestrated change management & self-service for network services across ServiceNow portfolio.

  • Service Modification via TMF641
  • Operational changes via Service Catalog, Service Bridge, or API exposed to end customer

Integrations with ServiceNow:

Troubleshooting & Remediation

Provide self-service & closed loop automation for troubleshooting & remediation of infrastructure changes.

  • User-directed troubleshooting & remediation via Service Management Catalog or API
  • Closed-loop via triggers via Telecommunications Service Operations (TSOM) or API

Integrations with ServiceNow:
ITSM, Service Operations


Manage & maintain infrastructure compliance across services and resources.

  • Service & Resource compliance triggered by Service Management, GRC, or API
  • Compliance actions can be integrated with other Day 2 activities to confirm compliance pre- and post-

Integrations with ServiceNow:

Order Management / Service Termination

Orchestrate end-to-end order management & service termination.

  • Service Termination via TMF641 Order Management
  • Coordination with TNI to track resource release & reallocation

Integrations with ServiceNow:

How Teams Can Get the Most out of Itential + ServiceNow

Itential’s products for ServiceNow are a critical component for every IT organization looking to become more efficient through their investment in the ServiceNow platform.

By delivering a simplified, streamlined solution that brings network and infrastructure automations into the ServiceNow platform, Itential helps enterprises and service providers deliver and manage infrastructure changes more efficiently.

Benefits delivered include:

Network & Infrastructure Teams

  • Dynamically publish automations in ServiceNow, decreasing time from months to minutes.
  • Reduce manual backlog by enabling more self-service network automation.
  • Manage and control automation access from the Itential Automation Platform.
  • Transform new network capabilities into revenue-generating services.
  • Provide easy visibility to order fulfillment status.

ServiceNow Teams & Catalog Owners

  • Standardized installation of apps from the ServiceNow App Store.
  • Eliminate time-consuming processes to document APIs, automations, and forms.
  • Remove the ongoing burden of creating and maintaining integration code.
  • Simplify product composition by utilizing dynamically published service specifications.
  • Incorporate Itential capabilities across multiple vendors and technologies into your product catalog.

IT Management & Product Owners

  • Improve customer experience by accelerating IT request delivery.
  • Reduce time-consuming processes between network and ServiceNow teams.
  • Deliver self-service automations for network infrastructure across IT.
  • Accelerate time-to-revenue by transitioning manual fulfillment services to fully orchestrated services.
  • Easily create new multi-technology hybrid services.
  • Enable new and existing services for end-user self-service.

What’s Next?

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