Network Modernization for the Financial Services Industry

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Transform Network Operations through Automation & Orchestration

Companies in the financial services industry are moving quickly in response to additional market pressure from new competitors and customers who have higher levels of service expectations. This has driven several digital transformation initiatives to focus on delivering applications, services, and infrastructure to respond more quickly to customers, and create more innovative products and services. Network automation and orchestration is an often overlooked, but a necessary component to delivering exceptional on-demand services to your valued customers, but any changes to the network must not compromise the stability and security of the network. Itential’s automation and orchestration products help to enable your network team to build automations with real-time compliance validation to ensure that any network change adheres to your compliance standards.

White Paper: Building an Automation Factory to Transform Network Operations

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Accelerating Service Delivery & Reducing Risk through Orchestration in FinTech

Itential Accelerates Digital Transformation for Banks Around the World

S&P Global Enables Self-Service to Deliver Network Services Same Day Through Automation with Itential

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Leading Digital Payments Organization Eliminates Manual Change Processes Across Multi-Domain Networks through Self-Service Automation with Itential

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Large Financial Institution Leverages Itential to Orchestrate Load Balancer Requests for 80% Increase in Time Savings

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Why the Financial Services Industry Trusts Itential for Network Automation & Orchestration

The Itential Automation Platform defines a new standard in network orchestration that empowers network teams with a modern set of integrated tools that can automate network changes faster with a higher level of stability and security. This means that your network, whether on-prem or cloud, can confidently move as quickly as the rest of the IT teams to deliver services to your customers, operationalizing network orchestration at scale.

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Almost immediately after working with Itential, we started to realize the true value of delivering services the same day without having to go through a reskilling process. We chose Itential because our environment is truly hybrid and their platform works best with both worlds.

Guruprasad Ramamoorthy, VP, Global Head of Network Architecture, Engineering & Operations, S&P Global

Benefits Delivered

Maintain Network Stability and Security
Use orchestration to accelerate software upgrades for network devices, build and enforce Golden Configuration and compliance standards for any network device or service.

Deliver Network Services Faster with Fewer Errors
Validate every network change is compliant before they are activated, integrate directly with IT systems for needed inventory and configuration data, build robust pre- and post-check processes into every workflow.

Orchestration at Scale
Expand automation utilization across IT by simplifying the complexity associated with managing multiple systems and network technologies and enable non-network experts to drive orchestration.

Itential Automation & Orchestration Capabilities for the Financial Services Industry

We understand that the journey for your network automation teams starts with the first step, which is why we built a flexible product ecosystem that meets customers precisely where they are at. From scripts to self-service – our focus on low-code automation and orchestration for traditional and cloud networks enables network teams to create orchestrated, secured end-to-end processes. Itential’s platform allows every network team to efficiently transform network activities into self-serve, application-driven outcomes.

Onboard & Leverage Existing Automations

Organize, secure, enhance, and share Ansible, Python, and Terraform scripts across your organization.

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Automate Configuration Standardization

Manage configurations for both physical and cloud infrastructure and ensure compliance across your entire network with Itential’s configuration automation capabilities.

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Integrate a Federated Source of Truth

Support every source of truth as Itential integrates with everything in your ecosystem and federates the data for easily integrating into orchestration workflows.

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Deliver Self-Service Network Capabilities Across Your Team

Easily build orchestrations using Itential’s low-code, drag-and-drop workflow canvas and publish to other teams through our self-service catalog.

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