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Itential’s No-Code Integration with Infoblox

Many network teams utilize Infoblox for core network services like DHCP, DNS, and IP address management because of its accessibility, ease of use, and enterprise scalability. However, network teams who are embarking on their automation journey often focus on creating automations to make network changes, without realizing the value of integrating systems like Infoblox in these automations. To automate a network change, data such as IP address information must be gathered from a source of truth, and many times network changes will also require updating network services like DNS or DHCP. Organizations that utilize Infoblox for these network services can seamlessly integrate these services into automations built in the Itential Automation Platform, which eliminates the manual steps that can slow down processes and introduce manual errors.

Infoblox + Itential Network Automation Use Cases

Itential supports a wide range of use cases for customers looking to integrate with and leverage Infoblox for DDI network services.

Integrate Infoblox to Automate IP Address Allocation Across the Entire Network

IP addresses are a critical resource that are necessary for every device on the network to operate properly. Without centralized management of these resources, conflicts can occur that can cause a disruption of applications and services.

Automations that integrate with Infoblox for IP address management can:

  • Query Infoblox for IP prefix assignments for different network domains.
  • Request IP address assignments for new devices on the network.
  • Update current IP assignments when devices are retired from service.
  • Document IP address records with device details.

Integrate Infoblox to Automate End-to-End Processes to Include DNS Record Management

Humans as well as applications and services rely on Domain Name Services to provide translation of easy to remember names into network reachable IP addresses. However, DNS mappings are not a one-time-only process — different DNS entries are frequently updated, dozens to hundred times a day, depending on the business requirements. Deploying new applications, removing old applications, or making network changes may all require interaction with DNS services.

Automations that integrate with Infoblox for DNS services can:

  • Search the DNS database for existing domain names or specific records.
  • Create DNS entries for new domains or records within a domain.
  • Update domain records to document network and application changes.
  • Remove old domain records when services are decommissioned.

Integrate Infoblox to Automate Querying & Updating of DHCP Records

DHCP services are an important part of ensuring that certain hosts and network devices can operate correctly in their environment. Particularly for network teams, DHCP is a critical component in providing zero-touch provisioning for network deployments, whether they are for remote devices or located within the on-prem data center, so building automations that can access these services becomes valuable.

Automations that integrate with Infoblox for DHCP services can:

  • Identify details on existing defined DHCP ranges.
  • Create new DHCP ranges for use on the network.
  • Query DHCP ranges for current leases and device details.

Explore Infoblox in the Itential Automation Marketplace

Itential provides free, modular pre-built components that can be leveraged with Infoblox.

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Pre-Built Adapters

Infoblox Adapter

Itential’s Integrated Approach to Network Automation & Orchestration

The Itential Automation Platform is engineered to integrate quickly with any network and IT system that your organization has adopted today, and tomorrow. Itential can automate all types of networks, from traditional CLI-based network devices to more modern networking solutions that use API-driven dashboards and even cloud-native network services. By supporting both networks and IT systems, an automation workflow can be built to automate more than just changes to network devices, they can include gathering data from an IPAM, opening and updating tickets in ServiceNow, and notifying team members in real time with updates in Slack. Supporting the automation of the entire end-to-end process, from ticket creation to ticket closure, allows network teams to spend more time focusing on the network.
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