Network Automation for Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Centrally manage and run your infrastructure automations at scale.

Your Challenges

To keep up with managing today’s distributed infrastructure, network engineers are building automations with open source tools like Ansible, Python, and Terraform, each with their own unique execution environment – lacking the ability to both securely administer and share these automations across teams and expose them for more methods of consumption.

Lack of central automation management leads to challenges such as:

  • Scattered pockets and silos of automations across the organization, leading to inefficiency, security risks, and limiting re-use by other teams.
  • Difficulty in executing automation workloads across various on-prem and cloud tooling and technologies.
  • Inability to manage, secure, share, and administer automations across teams.
  • Custom building bespoke applications to manage automations, resulting in less time building more automations.
  • Lack of comprehensive audit logs to know when an automation runs, who ran it, and its results for policy compliance.

Itential provides network automation and DevOps engineers with a unified automation platform, complete with all the enterprise-grade features you need to take your network automation efforts to the next level, drive adoption, and maximize your investments.

Itential’s Unique Approach to Network Automation at Scale

Imagine centrally managing and securely executing your Ansible Playbooks, Python Scripts, and Terraform Plans with one platform. Itential’s Automation Gateway provides the industry’s only high-code automation platform engineered to propel network and infrastructure automation so NetDevOps engineers can focus on building automations, not applications to manage them.

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Secure Access & Control of Your Operational Infrastructure

Ensure your network automations are secure with advanced authentication, authorization, and audit controls.

Execute Automation Faster & Reduce Errors

Deploy automations faster with lower risk of errors.

Expand Network Automation Participation

Expose automation assets to team members making it simple for anyone to execute automations across your organization.

Increase Value & Usage of Your Existing Automation Tools

Drive more consumption and usage of tooling.

Support Today’s & Tomorrow’s Automation Initiatives

Support for popular automation tools, frameworks, and languages today, along with flexible integration for new automation solutions as you need them.

How Itential Helps You Productize & Scale Network Automation

Itential’s Automation Gateway was built with your network in mind. We believe scaling network automation starts with a solution that isn’t fragile and that everyone in your organization can rally around and use. A solution that doesn’t make you get rid of your investment in scripts and playbooks, but helps you bring them under control.

Our platform meets you where you are, leveraging what you have and helps you scale automation to meet the needs of your business, making infrastructure easy to consume and making automation practical to execute and scale.

With Itential Automation Gateway network engineers can secure, organize, share, and execute their network automations, across all network domains, through a central platform.

Support for All Network Automation Technologies

The only platform with support for all Ansible Playbooks, Python Libraries, and Terraform Plans.

Shared Automation Execution Environment

Enable entire teams to run automations safely from a single location and provide secure API execution to integrate with IT Platforms and CICD Pipelines.

Enterprise-Grade Security & Control

Take your automations to the next level by easily enabling authorization, RBAC, and centralized logging for every one of your network automations. Audit execution with a detailed history that allows teams to know when an automation runs, who ran it, and its results.

Expose Automations as APIs

Securely share your automations using API interfaces to unify and streamline operational processes with different platforms and programs that exist across your organization.

Integrate Automatons with External Platforms

Enable automation integration with DevOps Pipelines, CI/CD Platforms, and ITSM platforms like ServiceNow.

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