Itential + ServiceNow

Itential’s Codeless Integration with ServiceNow

Itential’s codeless integration with ServiceNow enables every API call to be available as drag-and-drop tasks in an automation workflow. Easily onboard production and development versions of ServiceNow in the same platform so teams can quickly adapt existing automations for use with new versions and stay ahead of upcoming changes

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ServiceNow + Itential Network Automation Use Cases

Itential supports a wide range of use cases for customers looking to integrate with and leverage ServiceNow for change management, CMDB, and self-service network automation.

Automated End-to-End Network Change Management

By incorporating network automations with common ServiceNow tasks that would normally require a manual “swivel-chair” and “copy and paste” process, network automations can easily open a change request ticket, update the ticket at every stage of the network change process, and close the ticket when it is complete.

  • Open new change request tickets as a single step in every automation.
  • Automate ticket updates in real-time to provide complete change documentation.
  • Close tickets and notify teams of status after automation has completed.

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Self-Service Catalog Entries for Running Network Automations

Integrate Itential with ServiceNow at the API level so that NetOps, DevOps, and application teams can work together to provide ServiceNow self-service catalog entries that run Itential automations for network requests.

  • Securely publish network automations to operate with ServiceNow self-service catalogs.
  • Enable different automations to run in response to state changes in a ticket.
  • Ensure that data provided to an automation is validated using a JSON Schema to reduce human error.

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Use ServiceNow CMDB as a Network Inventory Source of Truth for Network Automation

Integrate Itential automations with ServiceNow using APIs to create a new inventory table and populate it with details from the live network, which creates the opportunity to utilize ServiceNow as a source of truth for network inventory.

  • Create automations that can query network devices and services in real-time to update ServiceNow inventory tables.
  • Implement ServiceNow inventories to query for data needed by network automations.
  • Build robust pre-check and post-check processes that include ServiceNow inventory along with other network applications to verify network changes.

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Enable Self-Serve Infrastructure with Itential Actions for ServiceNow Flows

Utilize Itential Actions to directly embed and run network infrastructure automations from within a ServiceNow Flow. Itential Actions give ServiceNow teams access to a self-service catalog that enables their IT processes to directly gather operational network data, request new network resources, or orchestrate changes across multiple network domains, enabling you to deliver IT services at maximum efficiency.

  • Query network inventory and operational data to use in an IT process or report.
  • Validate network resource availability in response to a new service or site request.
  • Configure network changes for a new network service as part of a larger IT request process.
  • Provision complex network services with orchestrated automations that work across multiple network domains.

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Explore Itential’s Automation Marketplace for ServiceNow

Itential provides free, modular pre-built components that can be leveraged with your ServiceNow platform.

Itential’s Integrated Approach to Network Automation & Orchestration

The Itential Automation Platform is engineered to integrate quickly with any network and IT system that your organization has adopted today, and tomorrow. Itential can automate all types of networks, from traditional CLI-based network devices to more modern networking solutions that use API-driven dashboards and even cloud-native network services. By supporting both networks and IT systems, an automation workflow can be built to automate more than just changes to network devices, they can include gathering data from an IPAM, opening and updating tickets in ServiceNow, and notifying team members in real time with updates in Slack. Supporting the automation of the entire end-to-end process, from ticket creation to ticket closure, allows network teams to spend more time focusing on the network.
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No-Code Rapid integration with Any IT or Network System

Itential’s rapid integration capabilities eliminate costly integration efforts and enable new, more robust orchestration flows.
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300+ Integrations & Growing

Itential has the most comprehensive integration library on the planet and its growing.
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Build Your Own Integration

Have custom or homegrown systems? No problem, easily build your own integration with Itential’s no-code adapter builder in minutes.
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