Itential Automation Gateway

Secure, Organize, Share, & Run Your Network Automations

The Only Automation Execution Platform for All Your Python, Playbooks, & Plans

Itential Automation Gateway (IAG) is a secure high-code automation execution platform engineered to propel network and infrastructure automation. IAG works with all your network automations to enables NetOps and DevOps teams to securely organize, share, and run your library of network automations.

Its powerful enterprise-grade features enable you to take your network automation efforts to the next level, drive adoption, and maximize your investments.

Python Ansible OpenTofu

Control Access To Your Operational Infrastructure


Utilize standards-based SSL/TLS to provide a secure web-based execution interface to your automations.


Validate users based on locally-defined accounts or integrate with your organization’s LDAP service for centralized account management.


Easily define rules to control who can view, manage, and execute automations.


Generate detailed logs on system access, changes, and automation execution.

Organize Your Automation Assets

Script Discovery

Dynamically discover and onboard all your automations.

Centralized Library

Provide a central point of access for every automation your team creates and uses.

Global Search

As your library grows, quickly locate and run the network automation you need when you need it.

Federated Inventory

Enable your automations to operate across a federated, multi-vendor network device inventory.

Share & Run Network Automations

Automation Visibility

Provide access to view automation code to your team and help foster collaboration.

Validate Input

Define input to automations and enable validation to reduce unnecessary errors.

Consolidated Execution

Increase efficiency with a simple way for entire teams to run automations safely from a single location.

API Exposure

Provide secure API execution for your automations to integrate with other platforms and programs.

Direct Execution Audit

Provide detailed logs for every script execution to determine who ran an automation, when it was run, and all responses.

Integrate Network Automations with Platforms

Itential Automation Platform

Integrate seamlessly with IAP to simplify integrations, visualize workflows, and easily utilize your automations within end-to-end process orchestrations.

Self-Serve ITSM

Enable your automations to run from ServiceNow and other ITSM platforms to enable self-service network automation.

DevOps & CI/CD

Publish your automations to be utilized with DevOps and CI/CD platforms and pipelines.

API Execution Audit

Provide detailed logs for every automation execution to determine which API was used, when it was used, and all responses.

How Automation Gateway Enhances Network Automation

Centrally Manage Your Existing Network Automations

House your existing automation assets including Ansible playbooks, OpenTofu plans, and internally developed automations. Expose these assets to team members making it simple for anyone to execute automation.

Enterprise-Grade Security for Network Automation Execution

Take your automations to the next level by easily enabling authorization, RBAC, and centralized logging for every one of your network automations. Audit execution with a detailed history that allows teams to know when an automation runs, who ran it, and its results.

Consolidate & Share Your Network Automations Across the Organization

Consolidate all the pockets of automation that exist on different laptops, desktops, and servers and securely manage these automations – enabling more people to run automations across different teams in your organization.

Deploy & Execute Your Network Automations Faster

Dynamic discovery, federation, and simplified decoration of automation assets ensures data accuracy, scalability, and faster deployment times with lower risk of errors.

Transform Your Network Automations into APIs

Securely share your automations using API interfaces to unify and streamline operational processes with different platforms and programs that exist across your organization. Build APIs for your scripts to enable integration with DevOps Pipelines, CI/CD Platforms, and ITSM Platforms like ServiceNow.

Support Today’s & Tomorrow’s Automation Tools

Support for the popular automation tools, frameworks and languages today, including libraries, modules, and virtual environments along with flexible integration for new automation solutions as you need them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IAG support local accounts or integration with existing LDAP systems?

IAG supports the ability to create local accounts and can also integrate with your organization’s existing LDAP system. Integration with LDAP systems is recommended in most instances.

Can IAG utilize any automations that we already use? If so, which are supported?

Yes. Itential Automation Gateway enables teams to leverage any of their existing automations so they can be centrally organized and secured. IAG also serves as an automation execution platform, so teams can leverage their existing automation assets and run them. APIs can be associated with automations to be executed by programs and platforms outside of IAG. When IAG is utilized with the Itential Automation Platform, these assets can be used as tasks in a visual workflow and available to be used with integrations with other IT systems in your environment to easily orchestrate more complex IT processes. This makes it easy to utilize the automations you already have, make them available for other users to use, and augment those automations with integrations to other IT systems.

IAG includes support for  automations created with Python, Ansible, and OpenTofu. In addition, Itential also directly supports Nornir, NETCONF, Netmiko, gRPC, and generic HTTP Requests to manage and automate network devices and systems.

See List of All Technologies Supported by IAG

What details are logged when a script is executed?

IAG logs system events that occur as well as details pertaining to automation execution. Details logged include time and date, user, method, API endpoint, status, and the complete input data provided to an automation and the complete output response from the automation’s execution.

What systems can I integrate with via API outside of Itential?

Using IAG’s secure APIs, you can make your automations available to any program, application, or platform in your IT ecosystem. Our customers commonly look to integrate with DevOps CI/CD pipelines that use tools like GitHub or GitLab, or with ITSM platforms like ServiceNow to enable self-service networking. Any IT system that can make REST API calls  can be configured to utilize your automations in IAG.

What methods of installation are available for IAG?

IAG can be installed on bare metal, virtual server, or container. Itential’s documentation provides the specific process for installing IAG for any of these methods.

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