Platform Engineering for Infrastructure Teams

Incorporate platform engineering principles into infrastructure automation & orchestration.

Your Challenges

Application teams have become accustomed to the simplicity of requesting cloud services from the public cloud vendors and expect the same simplicity for requesting internal network and infrastructure services.

By adopting a platform engineering approach, Network and Infrastructure teams can reduce the friction by creating and exposing easy-to-consume network capabilities.

Lack of a centralized platform approach to infrastructure management leads to challenges such as:

  • Fragmented architectures and management interfaces.
  • Network bottlenecks for service delivery, resulting in days or weeks to fulfill requests.
  • Security, infrastructure, and applications teams operating in silos.
  • Bespoke infrastructure services for different internal consumers, wasting network engineers’ time and effort.
  • Difficulty leveraging traditional infrastructure alongside cloud infrastructure in a way that is scalable and efficient.

Delivering Infrastructure Platform Engineering Through Automation & Orchestration

The goal of platform engineering with networking is not only to simplify the infrastructure and services available across all times, but also to speed up the deployment of applications and services by providing self-service capabilities where applications and networking services that span complex infrastructure are easily consumed by end users.

Infrastructure platform engineering can help IT and networking teams manage the complexity of multi-vendor and non-standard infrastructure using low-code automation and orchestration to shield this complexity from end users. The DevOps teams, meanwhile, can build networking into a platform as part of a menu of services that end users can self-serve.

A network automation and orchestration platform like Itential that provides integration and orchestration capabilities across all infrastructure (public clouds, private clouds, on-premises networks, etc.) is key to bringing networking and infrastructure into an internal self-serve developer portal. This approach can accelerate automation efforts and help organizations make networking a vital part of a platform engineering strategy.

How Itential Supports Infrastructure Platform Engineering

The Itential Automation Platform is based on a fundamentally unique approach to infrastructure and network orchestration. It is designed to enable IT, applications, and network teams to collaborate on building and designing workflows for end-to-end orchestration of infrastructure deployment, provisioning, and management. Then, these orchestrated services can be delivered as self-service capabilities to end users via API endpoints so that they are accessible in internal platforms, ServiceNow environments, CI/CD pipelines, and more.

Low-Code Workflow Builder for Orchestrated Provisioning of Infrastructure Services & IT Applications

Itential’s workflow builder facilitates integrated orchestration by offering a low-code, abstracted interface to build end-to-end workflows. These workflows are built out of individual automated components — those components can be CLI-driven network automations built with Python or Ansible, API calls to IT and network systems, and automated tasks pulled from vendor-specific point solutions in your environment. As a result, any IT process can be orchestrated from start to finish, including access control, validation, and change management alongside any infrastructure changes.

Securely Expose Automations for Self-Service Consumption

With Itential, network and infrastructure automation teams can expose workflows to end users, enable secure, scalable access to onboarded automation assets such as Python, Ansible, and Terraform, and provide secure access to API routes for any systems integrated with Itential.

Expose APIs to Programmatically Invoke Automation & Orchestration Capabilities

Itential’s powerful API-first capabilities can expose a range of actions to Platform Engineering teams to enable them to easily discover and incorporate network orchestration and automation into their pipelines and applications.

Publish APIs for DevOps CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Itential provides two-way integration capabilities with CI/CD pipelines. Network and infrastructure automation teams can call pipelines to perform steps within an orchestrated workflow. DevOps teams can call network and infrastructure services published with Itential right from a pipeline via API endpoints. This enables DevOps and infrastructure teams to collaborate more efficiently regardless of infrastructure or service complexity.

Stateful Orchestration of Operational & Execution Data

Itential provides stateful orchestration capabilities for organizations to leverage state data to manage complex infrastructure throughout service lifecycles. This is key to cost control in complex hybrid environments — without centralized state data available, organizations can easily spend unnecessary money on cloud or infrastructure resources.

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