Itential Automation Workshop

Technical hands-on guided workshop with Itential automation experts

What is an Itential Automation Workshop?

No commitment, free 1-3 hour hands-on technical automation workshop with our experts to dive into using the Itential Automation Platform with the use case of your choice. No setup or prerequisites required, just show up ready to automate!

What You Get in a Workshop

Full access to the Itential Automation Platform in our cloud while leveraging Itential hosted labs, devices, and predefined automations. After the 1-day workshop is completed, continue leveraging the platform on your own in a one-week self-guided trial.

Why a Workshop?

Our automation workshops provide you with a free, guided technical interaction with our products so you can better understand what the experience of working with IAP is like using real devices and systems. Our experts walk you through setting up your use case, connecting your systems through automation, and showing you how it works so you can continue automating on your own in our cloud environment.

Itential Automation Workshop Use Cases

You can select between the following use cases to go through in your workshop.

  • Security Rule Creation (Panorama)
  • Create Pool & Virtual Server (F5)
  • Software Upgrade (Cisco IOS)
  • Software Upgrade (Arista EOS)
  • Port/VLAN Configuration (Cisco IOS)
  • Port/VLAN Configuration (Arista EOS)
  • Create & Update Change Request (ServiceNow)
  • Create & Update Incident Ticket (ServiceNow)
  • Golden Configuration (Cisco IOS)
  • Provision VPC & EC2 Instance (AWS)
  • Assign Network & IP (Infoblox)
  • Create A Record (Infoblox)

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