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Itential App for ServiceNow OMT

Orchestrated Fulfillment for Service Order Management

Streamline Order Fulfillment.
Connect ServiceNow to Your Infrastructure.

In the fast-evolving telecom industry, launching innovative offerings and optimizing existing services is not just an objective; it’s a critical necessity. To accelerate time-to-revenue and  slash fulfillment overheads, communication service providers (CSPs) must minimize the time and expense of introducing new services and fast-track the evolution from fragmented, complex, error prone, and manually intensive processes to fully automated service fulfillment.

With Itential and ServiceNow, CSPs can not only accelerate their time to market but also introduce new and innovative services that stand out in a competitive market. Itential’s multi-domain orchestration platform enables CSPs to create unique services that can combine their network capabilities with third party services and capabilities, such as cloud, security, and interconnect. When combined with ServiceNow’s industry leading order management solution, CSPs can quickly define new services with the ability to scale order volumes and meet next-generation service complexity.

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Itential’s App for ServiceNow OMT

Our integrated approach to order fulfillment transforms traditional manual processes into a seamless, automated journey from initiation to activation. By leveraging the robust workflow and data management capabilities of ServiceNow’s OMT alongside Itential’s dynamic network integration and orchestration platform, we offer a tightly coupled and comprehensive solution that enables:

  • End-to-end orchestration of network service lifecycle across multiple network technologies and vendors.
  • The ability to dynamically publish any Itential workflow or service to the ServiceNow OMT Service Catalog.
  • Tight integration with the TMF641 interface for service order fulfillment activities.
  • ServiceNow OMT catalog owners to easily create new multi-domain products and services.
  • Migrating current manual fulfillment steps to Itential automated workflows.
  • Rapid onboarding of new vendors and emerging technologies to enable new services faster, with lower integration costs.

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Why Itential + ServiceNow for Orchestrated Order Management

Integration Flexibility

Eliminate the need to maintain multiple integrations and manual activities by leveraging Itential’s unique integration flexibility with all network and infrastructure technologies.

Workflow Orchestration

Enable faster digital transformation of existing services that are currently fulfilled manually – driving faster-time-to revenue, increased accuracy, and improved efficiency.

Accelerate New Service & Product Creation

Improved ability to create and offer new services based on a broader set of services – product owners can create new, unique products based on the services published by IAP and enabled by multi-domain integrations.

Streamlined Order Management & Fulfillment

Rapidly orchestrate the complete process from ordering of a new service to fulfillment.

Mitigate Tech & Tool Sprawl

Itential can become a single platform for orchestration of service fulfillment, compliance, troubleshooting, fault resolution, and other operational changes, eliminating the need for separate tools/stacks for order fulfillment vs. ongoing network operations, troubleshooting, and configuration changes.

Itential + ServiceNow OMT Use Cases & Capabilities

DAY 0/1
Order Management

Streamline creation of new services & provide orchestrated fulfillment of ServiceNow OMT.

  • RFS Specification Publishing
  • TMF641 Order Fulfillment
  • Service add/modify/delete
  • Service instance data stored in TNI

Integrations with ServiceNow:

Change Management

Orchestrated change management & self-service for network services across ServiceNow portfolio.

  • Service Modification via TMF641
  • Operational changes via Service Catalog, Service Bridge, or API exposed to end customer

Integrations with ServiceNow:

Troubleshooting & Remediation

Provide self-service & closed loop automation for troubleshooting & remediation of infrastructure changes.

  • User-directed troubleshooting & remediation via Service Management Catalog or API
  • Closed-loop via triggers via Telecommunications Service Operations (TSOM) or API

Integrations with ServiceNow:
ITSM, Service Operations


Manage & maintain infrastructure compliance across services and resources.

  • Service & Resource compliance triggered by Service Management, GRC, or API
  • Compliance actions can be integrated with other Day 2 activities to confirm compliance pre- and post-

Integrations with ServiceNow:

Order Management / Service Termination

Orchestrate end-to-end order management & service termination.

  • Service Termination via TMF641 Order Management
  • Coordination with TNI to track resource release & reallocation

Integrations with ServiceNow:

How the Itential for OMT App Works

The Itential OMT app provides a fully integrated solution that combines the power of ServiceNow Order Management with the speed and flexibility of the Itential Automation Platform to create an end-to-end order management and orchestrated fulfillment solution – across multiple network technologies and vendors. The solution enables teams to dynamically publish Itential fulfillment workflows and services into the ServiceNow OMT Product Catalog, enabling product owners to quickly incorporate orchestrated network services into their new and existing products.

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Itential ServiceNow OMT App Features

The Itential OMT application is a critical component for every CSP looking to become more efficient through their investment in ServiceNow OMT. By delivering a simplified, streamlined solution that connects ServiceNow to your infrastructure, Itential provides orchestrated fulfillment for telecom service order management.

For ServiceNow Catalog Owners

  • Simplify product composition by utilizing dynamically published service specifications.
  • Incorporate Itential capabilities across multiple vendors and technologies into your product catalog.

For Product Owners

  • Accelerate time-to-revenue by transitioning manual fulfillment services to fully orchestrated services.
  • Easily create new multi-technology hybrid services.
  • Enable new and existing services for end-user self-service.

For Network Teams

  • Dynamically publish any workflow or service to the ServiceNow service catalog.
  • Transform new network capabilities into revenue-generating services.
  • Provide easy visibility to order fulfillment status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Itential App for ServiceNow OMT?

This app provides direct integration with the ServiceNow Order Management for Telecom product enabling the Itential Automation Platform to orchestrate fulfillment of network service orders across multiple network and infrastructure domains. With the app, infrastructure teams can publish new infrastructure services into the ServiceNow OMT product catalog, which can be used to easily compose new services.

How is this different from the Itential App for ServiceNow?

The Itential App for ServiceNow is freely available from the ServiceNow App Store and enables ServiceNow users to run workflows in the Itential Platform through a web UI or from ServiceNow Flows using Itential Actions. The Itential app for ServiceNow OMT is a licensed application that is tightly coupled with the ServiceNow Order Management for Telecom product. The OMT app is focused exclusively on enhancing integration with the ServiceNow OMT product, while the Itential App for ServiceNow is designed provide general integration across the ServiceNow ecosystem.

Do I need the Itential App for ServiceNow OMT to run automations in Itential?

No, you can use the freely available Itential App for ServiceNow to integrate with the Itential Platform and run workflows to automate and orchestrate your infrastructure.

What are the requirements to use the Itential App for ServiceNow OMT?

In your ServiceNow instance, you must have the Order Management for Telecom product installed and configured. You will also need to install the Itential App for ServiceNow and the Itential App for ServiceNow OMT.

In your Itential Automation Platform, you will need to install the ServiceNow Adapter and the OMT Service Publishing pre-built workflow from the Itential Automation Marketplace. In addition to that, your platform will also need to have both the Itential TMF OMT application, and the Lifecycle Manager application installed.

How does a ServiceNow user access and run Itential automations from the ServiceNow Order Management for Telecom product?

Users of the ServiceNow Order Management for Telecom product will not directly run Itential automations. Instead, they would use ServiceNow Product Catalog to compose and manage service orders, as normal. The OMT application will determine if those services should be fulfilled by a workflow in the Itential Automation Platform, and if so, send the service request using a TMF 641 payload to the Itential platform for service fulfillment.

Is there any custom code needed within ServiceNow for the OMT application to work?

No, once everything is installed and configured on both the ServiceNow and Itential platforms there is no custom code required as the applications will be integrated together using a TMF 641 interface.

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