Itential Automation Platform

Architecture, Security, & Deployment

IAP Architecture Overview

The Itential Automation Platform is architected to support networks of any size, type, and complexity. Our orchestration engine provides a robust method for consuming the aggregated data from existing tools and applying the business logic involved in network automation and orchestration. Itential does not create copies of data, allowing your systems of record and their data to serve as the source of truth, mitigating data quality issues and manual fallout errors.

Workflows can be published as micro-services that are available through an open API to northbound systems enabling network specific actions to be triggered and managed via the Itential Automation Platform. By extracting the complexity associated with managing multiple systems and data models, the Itential Automation Platform enables anyone to drive orchestrated infrastructure operations.

Patented Technology Driving Network Innovation

Itential’s API-first, integration approach to network automation and orchestration is redefining how we manage complex, distributed networks. The Itential Automation Platform is the only solution that can integrate with and transform any network (physical, virtual, and cloud)  and any IT system, transform the data into a common language (JSON) delivering a unified, real-time federated view of the resources and data. Our patented approach simplifies network automation in that users do not need to learn multiple technology types and can reduce time and effort in deploying, managing, and maintaining network infrastructure.

US 16,220,622: Systems & Methods for Dynamic Federated API Generation
Delivers a single unified, real-time view of network and service components across a diverse set of networks and technologies.

US 11,354,491: Systems & Methods for Improved Data Modeling & Translation
Simplifies interaction between users, applications, and network systems by providing common, human readable language across different technology types.

The Only SaaS-Delivered Network Orchestration Platform

Itential’s fully managed cloud offering is the fastest way to implement orchestration at scale and our SaaS platform enables hassle-free orchestration that eliminates all manual software and infrastructure maintenance services, so you can deploy quickly and get started in minutes.
Itential SaaS Deployment Architecture & Security Posture


Accelerate Time-to-Value
Get your fully-hosted instance of Itential in minutes and begin automating network operations.

Reduce Implementation Complexity
Avoid the burden of deploying and managing infrastructure.

Automated Updates
No manual software maintenance and associated downtime.

IAP On-Premises Deployment

For organizations that need complete control and management to satisfy regulatory or internal security requirements, Itential provides a self-managed deployment option.
High Availability On-Prem Deployment

High Availability
Each element of IAP architecture can be deployed to meet the customers’ High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) requirements, including Server availability, Client sessions management, and database replication and resilience.

Blue / Green Architecture
Increase uptime and simplify production release of new automations with increased job management and task execution controls designed for Blue / Green architectures.

Container Support
IAP and IAG supported as OCI-compliant images that can be managed by your platform of choice like Docker, Kubernetes, and others.

bright blue soc2 compliance badge from aicpa for the itential network automation platform, ensuring network security

Designed for Security & Scale

The Itential Automation Platform gives teams the confidence they need to enable secure automation for all.

  • Privacy: Itential invested in GDPR and CCPA compliance to ensure all data is handled with care.
  • Security: The Itential Automation Platform safeguards your data with controls like role-based permissions and encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Compliance: Verify Itential’s security, availability, confidentiality, and processing integrity with SOC2.

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Core Capabilities

Orchestration Engine

Provides execution of changes/adds, migrations, automation scenarios, monitoring and management of compliance.

Stateful Orchestration

Track infrastructure services at scale with customized resource models and orchestrated workflow actions that can automate service changes and update service details across any service’s lifecycle.
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Event Triggers / Closed-Loop Capabilities

Itential’s event-driven orchestration capabilities can trigger workflow tasks based upon notifications from several event systems such as incident resolution, inventory monitoring, and service management tools.

Federation / Brokers

Ensures consistency in data models between various adapters and creates a unified federated view of resources and data.
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Integration / Adapters

Itential Adapters provide integration with any 3rd party APIs into systems.
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Role-Based Access & Control

Role-based access control provides unprecedented flexibility and control over permissions to components and data within Itential, ensuring that even the most stringent security requirements can be met.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Users can automatically sign in to the Itential Automation Platform using Single Sign On through OpenIDConnect or integration with an existing SAML-based service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What authentication and authorization methods are supported?

IAP supports integration with LDAP/OpenLDAP, Azure, RADIUS and Active Directory.

Does Itential support RBAC? How granular are the RBAC policies?

Yes, Itential supports Role Based Access Control within the platform. IAP supports a very granular policies that allows user and group access controls across applications, devices, automations, adapters, and integrations.

Does Itential support SSO?

Yes, SSO is supported within our SaaS Platform and with IAP deployed on-premises.

How does Itential ensure no single point of failure?

IAP’s multi-tiered architecture has been designed with scaling and fault tolerance at its core. Itential’s application server can be deployed in either active/active or active/standby configuration, with management of user sessions performed via a load-balancers. IAP’s persistence store is MongoDB, which can be configured as highly resilient multi-member ReplicaSets. Inter-process application communication and message bus has been implemented using RabbitMQ, which can be clustered to prevent single point of failures. User session tokens are stored within a Redis database, which can also be clustered for fault tolerance.

How do I configure the product to operate with high availability in a global level?

With its distributed, multi-tiered architecture, IAP can easily be configured with out of region Disaster Recover nodes. For example, primary HA servers can be configured within one region within the United Kingdom, whilst a fully independent ‘cold’ setup can be configured in Asia. Upon a disaster, the Asian applications can be set up as active, and as the MongoDB data store has been replicated across all members, all data will be available on switch over from Europe to Asia.
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How does Itential support enterprise scalability and what are the maximum number of network device sizes it is able to support?

There is no maximum limit of network devices for IAP. IAP’s largest deployments support in excess of 140,000 devices.

Does Itential have any off prem/cloud-based dependencies to function fully?

Itential offers multiple deployment options for the Itential Automation Platform (IAP). IAP can be consumed as a SaaS offering or as an on-premise deployment. For on-premise deployments, IAP does not require access for off prem/cloud based dependencies.
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How is encryption handled for data in flight and at rest?

For in-flight data, all communications between client and server are across secured https connections using standards-based TLS.

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