Itential Automation Platform


Flexible architecture designed to simplify automation across networks of any size, type, and complexity.

Itential Automation Platform Architecture Overview

The Itential Automation Platform integrates with your existing IT systems and federates its data and logic, creating a unified view for easily automating multi-domain network environments.

Itential’s automation engine provides a robust method for consuming the aggregated data from existing tools and applying the business logic involved in network automation. Itential does not create copies of data, allowing your systems of record and their data to serve as the source of truth, mitigating data quality issues and manual fallout errors.

Automations can be published as micro-services that are available through an open API to northbound systems enabling network specific actions to be triggered and managed via the Itential Automation Platform. By extracting the complexity associated with managing multiple systems and data models, the Itential Automation Platform enables anyone to drive automation.

diagram of the itential network automation platform's flexible architecture designed to simplify automation across hybrid cloud networks
blue icon of timer on white background representing itential's automation engine that executes network configuration changes

Automation Engine

Provides execution of changes/adds, migrations, automation scenarios, monitoring and management of compliance.

blue icon of automation gear inside of a circle representing itential's closed loop network automation and orchestration capabilities

Event Triggers / Closed-Loop Capabilities

Itential’s event-driven automation capabilities can trigger automation tasks based upon notifications from several event systems such as incident resolution, inventory monitoring, and service management tools.

blue icon of data federation around an automation gear representing itential's network automation data federation capabilities

Federation / Brokers

Ensures consistency in data models between various adapters and creates a unified federated view of resources and data.

blue icon of integration on white background representing itential's network automation & orchestration integration capabilities

Integration / Adapters

Itential Adapters provide integration with any 3rd party APIs into systems.

blue icon of lock respresenting the role based access control capabilities of the itential network automation platform

Role-Based Access & Control

Role-based access control provides unprecedented flexibility and control over permissions to components and data within Itential, ensuring that even the most stringent security requirements can be met.

blue icon of a key representing the single sign on (SSO) capabilities of the itential network automation platform

Single Sign On (SSO)

Users can automatically sign in to the Itential Automation Platform using Single Sign On through OpenIDConnect.

Flexible Deployment Model

Itential provides flexible deployment capabilities to fit your business needs. The Itential Automation Platform is available as a self-managed on-premises or fully managed cloud service.

  • Start Quickly in the Cloud: Itential hosts and manages IAP for you in their cloud. Test Drive IAP in the Cloud >
  • Full Control & Flexibility On-Prem: Host and manage IAP on your Bare Metal, Virtual Machine, Private or Public Cloud. Enhanced active/active architecture allows for dynamic scaling, while mitigating downtime as your automation environment grows, providing reliability that meets the most demanding requirements. Read the White Paper >
icongraphy of itential network automation platform's flexible deployment model as a self-managed on-premises or fully managed cloud service
bright blue soc2 compliance badge from aicpa for the itential network automation platform, ensuring network security

Designed for Security & Scale

The Itential Automation Platform gives teams the confidence they need to enable secure automation for all.

  • Privacy: Itential invested in GDPR and CCPA compliance to ensure all data is handled with care.
  • Security: The Itential Automation Platform safeguards your data with controls like role-based permissions and encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Compliance: Verify Itential’s security, availability, confidentiality, and processing integrity with SOC2.
itential network automation platform cloud platform iconography

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