Accelerate Network Automation & Orchestration with Rapid No-Code Integration

Today’s Network Integration Challenges

New technologies and capabilities are becoming available at a rate that far surpasses the rate that IT integration teams and standard bodies can accommodate. Automation systems that are hard coded to specific technologies or rely on a vendor to model and build themselves are limited to a single domain or technology, Today’s modern infrastructure has become a multi-technology, and multi-domain network. Point solutions are effective in their place, but more and more network challenges require tools that scale across technologies to solve multi-domain, multi-vendor orchestration problems.

IAP White Paper: Integration, Federation, & Data Transformation Capabilities

Integration Flexibility with Itential

Itential’s patented integration capabilities have enabled the Itential Automation Platform to become the platform of choice for organizations who wish to bring new services and capabilities to market quickly.

The most comprehensive integration library on the planet and its growing.

Integrate with anything or build your own in minutes, no coding required.

Transform data between any system and network technology.

Real-time data federation across multiple sources of truth.

Featured Integrations

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Itential’s No-Code Integration, Federation, & Data Transformation Capabilities

Itential’s API-first, integration approach to network automation and orchestration is redefining how we manage complex, distributed networks. The Itential Automation Platform is the only solution that can integrate with any network (physical, virtual, and cloud) and any IT system, and transform the data into a common language (JSON) delivering a unified, real-time federated view of the resources and data. Our patented approach simplifies network automation and orchestration in that users do not need to learn multiple technology types and can reduce time and effort in deploying, managing, and maintaining network infrastructure.

Components of Itential’s Integration Model

  • Southbound – Itential easily connects to any network technology, device, or controller.
  • East/West – Itential provides tools to translate and transform data from a diverse set of network and IT technologies for use in orchestrated workflows.
  • Northbound – Itential exposes network automation functionality for consumption by any type of system or user in their native formats, such as ITSM systems or pipelines.
Itential’s Patents:

US Patent 11,665,241 B1
Systems & Methods for Dynamic Federated API Generation

US Patent 11,354,491
Systems & Methods for Improved Data Modeling & Translation
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Zero Touch Everything

Easily kickoff workflows within Itential through northbound triggers such as applications, events and alarms, IT Systems, BPMN, or humans needing to make a change.

Flexible Northbound Exposure Model

Expose network automation and orchestration functionality to every northbound system, pipeline, and end user.

Closed-Loop Operations

Workflow triggers enable teams to define event-driven orchestrations for true closed-loop operations.

CI/CD Pipeline Support

Software developers and pipeline owners can leverage Itential network automation and orchestration capabilities as part of their CI/CD pipelines. Deliver self-service network capabilities to IT teams.
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Integrate a Distributed Source of Truth

Itential integrates with any sources of truth such as IPAM, CMDB, etc. to provide accurate data for network automations to reduce error and optimize efficiency, and can orchestrate changes to the source of truth or the network in order to reconcile conflicts.

Verify & Validate Network Information

Itential integrates with any network mapping or discovery tool, providing advanced validation and verification of network changes, pre- and post-checks for complete assurance in your network change processes.

Incorporate Automation & Orchestration into CI/CD Pipelines

Itential integrates with any pipeline management tool so that you can Incorporate CI/CD practices into your network automation and orchestration initiatives to gain greater velocity and improve delivery.
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Maintain an Accurate Real-Time View of all Controllers, Clouds, & Network Systems

Itential’s patented approach to network data federation enables users and applications to implement business logic in one place for all devices, resources, or systems they require, even across distributed network infrastructure.

Transform Data Between Diverse Systems on the Fly

The Itential Automation Platform leverages a patented method for data modeling and translation designed to unify connection between networks and systems that utilize different data models. Itential translates specific data models into a common JSON format, which is both human-readable and easily manipulated for further data transformation.

Real Time Data Intelligence

Itential integrates with any AI Ops or Telemetry system for advanced intelligence and alarming for providing real-time conditions of the network for Itential to make better informed automation and orchestration decisions.

Maximize the Power of Your Network Systems

Integrate with any IT system and source of truth for end-to-end orchestration across all your networks. Leverage the intelligence of network systems and tools to enhance orchestrations.
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Leverage the Power of a Fully Integrated Platform

Utilize federation and data transformation capabilities to execute across all technologies, domains, vendors, and platforms.
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The Value of Itential’s API-First Approach

Use the “Right Tool for the Job”
Maximize ROI and gain immediate value by leveraging and integrating the existing tools and systems you already own, and flexibility in the future to integrate with new systems and tools.

Deliver a Network API to IT Teams
Leverage a single, aggregated network API that provides network self-service capabilities to other IT teams, enabling ease of consumption.

Integrate with Anything in Minutes
Itential’s rapid integration capabilities eliminate costly integration efforts and enable new, more robust orchestrated workflows.

300+ Integrations & Growing
Itential has the most comprehensive integration library on the planet and its growing.
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Build Your Own Integration
Have custom or homegrown systems? No problem, easily build your own integration with Itential’s no-code adapter builder in minutes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What IT systems and tools does Itential integrate with?

The Itential Automation Platform is built to integrate easily integrate with any IT System, tools, controllers, orchestrators, or services through APIs. Most modern systems have published API specifications that, in many cases, can be directly imported and used in the platform without requiring a restart of any process.
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How does Itential integrate with other tools and systems?

The Itential Automation Platform is built to easily integrate with any IT System, tool, controller, orchestrator, or service through APIs. Most modern systems have published API specifications that, in many cases, can be directly used to create an integration in the platform.
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What Scripts or DevOps/NetOps tools does Itential support?

The Itential Automation platform can integrate with any DevOps or NetOps tool and system using an available API. Automations created within IAP can be published with an API so that they can be integrated into a DevOps/NetOps process.

If there is an integration not listed, can I build my own?

Yes, every organization’s ecosystem of networking and IT systems is unique, and there is tremendous value in allowing our customers to quickly support automation across all of their system. We provide the ability to build integrations with these systems using API specifications that are published by the system vendors. Using well defined specifications like OpenAPI, Swagger, or Postman collections, customers can use IAP to generate integrations within minutes and start building automations with those systems.
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