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Itential @ Networking Field Day

Tech Field Day Extra @ Cisco Live 2022

Scaling Network Automation with Itential

Modern networks have become complex heterogeneous environments, consisting of multiple vendors and managed by multiple teams and tools. In this session, Itential CTO, Chris Wade, and Head of Solutions Engineering, Karan Munalingal, will discuss how network teams can simplify and scale their automation initiatives with Itential. Using the Itential Automation Platform, you can quickly onboard existing CLI and script automations, incorporate them into automation workflows across all your networks, and easily integrate with any IT system such as ticketing and notification for end-to-end network automation.
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Closing the Loop with Network Assurance with IP Fabric

Creating workflows to automate the network of networks gives operations teams the opportunity to truly move the needle in terms of how their network can be consumed. That said, verifying that the outcome of that workflow is as expected remains enough of a challenge to be a blocker to adoption as without validation, unintended consequences resulting from combinations of small changes can undermine confidence and trust in the overall process. In this session, Daren Fulwell, Product Evangelist with IP Fabric, will discuss how introducing network assurance completes the loop. Using IP Fabric’s model of the network of networks, you can measure the success of multi-stage, cross-domain workflows; validate the data in supporting tooling like IPAM, CMDB and monitoring; and use IP Fabric’s insight into your network behavior to trigger and influence automation workflow logic.
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Integrated Network Automation + Assurance Demo with Itential & IP Fabric

As we have seen in the earlier sessions, IP Fabric provides the network source of truth – the view of the network as it really is – and provides a measure of how closely its configuration, topology, state, and policy meets the intent we have for it. The Itential Automation Platform facilitates the rapid design and deployment of integrated automation workflows across all your networks. In this session, Itential and IP Fabric will demo how their technologies, when combined, will enable network teams to create automations that integrate with IT systems and Sources of Truth to streamline network change management, verify those changes will lead to the desired outcome, and automate the changes to the network.
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