Itential Pricing

Itential’s pricing model depends on a few factors specific to your environment, so we’ll need to get in touch to give you accurate pricing information. Simply fill out the form on the right to get started.

How Does Pricing Work?

Platform Subscription

A fixed annual subscription for the Itential Automation Platform, which includes unlimited users, unlimited automations and integrations, CSM resources, support, and more.

Device Licenses

Based on the number of devices that are onboarded to the Itential Automation Platform.

Additional Products

Extend Itential’s Automation Platform with additional products that unlock greater levels of automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing model for the Itential Automation Platform?

The Itential pricing model is based on two components; software and device licenses. The software component includes the Itential Automation Platform, Itential Automation Gateway, and applications that run on the platform such as Configuration Manager. Licenses are required for production and non-production instances of the software.

The device component of the model is based on the number of devices that are onboarded to the Itential Automation Platform. This pricing model is intended to scale based on incremental value – the more devices that are onboarded to the platform, the greater the value realized through automation and orchestration. Itential does not charge for users, transactions, or integrations.

What if my network utilizes virtual devices that have a temporary lifespan? Do these devices consume a license for the term?

No. A device license is not hard coded to a specific device. Temporary devices impact the device count only while they are onboarded to IAP. If these devices are removed from the IAP, they will no longer be counted as active devices. The devices will impact the average concurrent device count for the duration of the period they are onboarded to IAP.

How does IAP licensing apply to environments where the devices are managed by a controller? What types of controller-managed objects are considered to be devices?

IAP licensing is based on devices whose configuration is directly or indirectly managed by the platform, regardless of whether the devices is managed through Itential Automation Gateway or through a controller. While controllers may be responsible for controlling a variety of object types, the objects that are configurable by Itential and participate in the processing of network traffic will be considered licensable devices.

Our network contains many devices, but we only want to manage and license a portion of the network. Are we required to purchase licenses for every device in our network?

No. The only devices that count against the licensing are devices that are onboarded explicitly through either Itential Automation Gateway, or through adapters that are designed for device/controller management (southbound adapters). Once a device is onboarded via a southbound adapter, it requires a device license.

How are devices counted in situations where there may be more than one path to a device? For example, if a device is onboarded to IAG but it is also available through a controller (like a data center controller), is that device counted as two different licenses?

No. A single device is counted as one device, regardless of how many different management paths exist to that device.

Does Itential’s licensing model include a per transaction or per user cost?

No, Itential does not charge, limit, or meter on transactions or users.

Does Itential require device licenses that are discovered via integrations with IT or inventory systems but are not onboarded via adapter or IAG? If we connect IAP to our inventory system, will it count 100% of the devices in the system as licensed devices?

No, the only devices that require licensing are devices that are onboarded via IAG or southbound adapters (this includes adapters for controllers, management systems that support configuration management, and orchestrators). Adapters to IT systems, inventory systems, monitoring systems, etc. are considered to be east/west integrations. While east/west systems may contain information about devices, they are not valid paths for accessing the configuration of those systems, and therefore do not incur any requirements for licensing.

Why Infrastructure Teams Choose Itential

Orchestrate Across Distributed Networks

From legacy hardware to API-enabled controllers, such as SD-WAN to public cloud network elements, Itential supports orchestration across all your networks.
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Leverage Existing Automation Efforts

Bring your own automation and integrate existing Python, Terraform, Ansible, and custom-built technologies.
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Anyone Can Automate

Our network engineering focused tools and capabilities allow for low-code, ease of use development of network automations.
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Rapid Time to Value

Codeless integration with any network or IT system and get started fast with Pre-Built Automations.
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