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Itential’s No-Code Integration with NetBox

NetBox is a popular choice with network teams as a solution for managing IP addresses, data center inventory, and many more network resources. Its standards-based API makes it simple to integrate into the Itential Automation Platform and enable network teams to build automations that can directly access NetBox as a source of truth. By coupling Data Transformations along with API integration, Itential can help network teams build a bridge that translates data between multiple IT systems, like NetBox and ServiceNow, so their network automations can access, and update data as needed as well as spend less time manually accessing data from different applications and reduce the potential of inputting bad data due to human error.

NetBox + Itential Network Automation Use Cases

Itential supports a wide range of use cases for customers looking to integrate with and leverage NetBox for network resource management.

Integrate NetBox to Automate IP Address Allocation Across the Entire Network

IP addresses are a necessary network resource that are used across every network domain from SD-WAN branch office routers, data center leaf and spine switches, and core routers. IP addresses are utilized across the lifecycle of every network device, and without the correct IP address assignments, conflicts occur which can have a tremendous impact on network performance and reliability.

Automations that integrate with NetBox can:

  • Query NetBox to identify the correctly defined prefix for a network domain.
  • Request a unique IP address assignment for device, service, or interface configurations.
  • Update NetBox IP inventory to release IP addresses as devices are deactivated.
  • Document IP address records in NetBox for details like device, interface, and role.

Utilize NetBox Information Across Multiple IT Systems with End-to-End Automation

Automating network changes along with commonly used processes, like data gathering and ticket management, has a dramatic impact on efficiency. Itential’s integration features enables an automation to access data from any IT system, transform that data, and utilize that data for more than just network changes.

By integrating NetBox in an end-to-end automation, you can:

  • Update IT request tickets in systems like ServiceNow with IP address allocation details for new network devices.
  • Document trouble tickets with details from NetBox to assist in troubleshooting.
  • Broadcast relevant interface and IP address information in messaging systems like Slack or MS Teams.

Integrate NetBox for More Efficient Data Center Network Automation

Modern data centers operate on multiple layers of technical complexity, and without the proper configuration this network will not operate optimally and potentially fail completely in the future. Initial configurations and updates to the infrastructure require precise data, which is why utilizing a source of truth like NetBox for this information is a necessity.

Data center automations that have integrated access to NetBox can:

  • Quickly access data needed for deploying new leaf or spine devices.
  • Build robust pre-check and post-check processes that can query for authoritative data in real-time.
  • Detect and automate the resolution of source of truth conflicts.
  • Update documentation in real-time as changes are made and verified.

Explore NetBox in the Itential Automation Marketplace

Itential provides free, modular pre-built components that can be leveraged with NetBox.

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Pre-Built Adapters

NetBox v2.10

Itential’s Integrated Approach to Network Automation & Orchestration

The Itential Automation Platform is engineered to integrate quickly with any network and IT system that your organization has adopted today, and tomorrow. Itential can automate all types of networks, from traditional CLI-based network devices to more modern networking solutions that use API-driven dashboards and even cloud-native network services. By supporting both networks and IT systems, an automation workflow can be built to automate more than just changes to network devices, they can include gathering data from an IPAM, opening and updating tickets in ServiceNow, and notifying team members in real time with updates in Slack. Supporting the automation of the entire end-to-end process, from ticket creation to ticket closure, allows network teams to spend more time focusing on the network.
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