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Today’s Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Network Infrastructure

With the adoption of new cloud services, more strain is put on network teams to also learn new dashboards and network services that are unique to each cloud provider and need to connect them together using complex routing protocols that must be done rapidly and in coordination with other IT teams. This has created a need to either merge the networking and cloud teams together or provide a common platform to facilitate the integration and orchestration needs for the digitally transformed enterprise.

Analyst Report: [Futuriom] The Future of Hybrid Cloud Automation & NetDevOps

Automating & Orchestrating The Network of Clouds

By leveraging the right platform that can provide end-to-end orchestration through an API-first approach, connecting various domains to IT systems and platforms, both cloud and network teams can collaborate to orchestrate the ‘Network of Clouds.’


Maintain Security
Consistency in application of security policies across on-prem and cloud networks.

Deploy Faster
Enable faster deployments, mitigate risks of configuration errors, and provide an audit of changes.

Bridge the Skills Divide
Enable both cloud and network teams to collaborate to orchestrate hybrid, multi-cloud networks.

Increased Efficiency
Quickly adopt any IT or network systems into your orchestrations and transparently integrate existing scripts, playbooks, or plans to increase automation efficiency.

Itential Cloud Networking Automation & Orchestration Use Cases

Accelerate Day 0/1 Deployment of New Cloud Services

Remove the slow-down caused by the need to swivel-chair between multiple consoles, tools, and dashboards. Utilize APIs for every cloud platform or service to build orchestrations to easily deploy and manage VPCs, VNETs, load balancers, and more at scale.
AWS VPC Networking
Cloud-Native Load Balancers (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Simplify Day 2 Change Management

Integrate with any source of truth, ITSM, or messaging system to automate day-to-day changes that free up valuable time and can scale as demand increases.
Cloud VIP Load Balancer Management (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Cloud DNS Updates (Route 53, Azure, GCP)

Ensure Configuration Standardization & Compliance

Easily manage configurations for both physical and cloud infrastructure and ensure compliance across your entire network.
Cloud VPC & VNet Configuration & Compliance
Cloud Firewall Config & Policy Changes

Orchestrate Across Multi-Domain, Multi-Vendor Networks

By being controller and orchestrator agnostic, Itential mitigates the complexity of managing multiple network types and vendors by consuming and federating the systems and networks managed by those systems, abstracting the complexity from the user for simplified automation and orchestration.
Multi-Domain Orchestration (ITSM, IPAM, etc.)

Automate & Orchestrate Multi-Cloud Networks with the Itential Automation Platform

Itential simplifies the deployment, management, and configuration processes for cloud networks, enabling organizations to drastically reduce risk and improve efficiency, increase agility, deploy applications faster, and drive overall business value. Itential supports a wide range of integrations with cloud providers and management solutions including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Aviatrix, VMware, Kubernetes, Zscaler and others; allowing network and cloud teams to orchestrate even the most complex multi-cloud network environments.

Users can gain greater velocity for their cloud deployments and operations by leveraging the capabilities of Itential’s automation and orchestration solutions such as:

screenshot of the low-code drag-and-drop workflow canvas with tasks in the itential network automation platform

Low-Code Workflow Canvas

Expand participation in network automation with Itential’s low-code, drag-and-drop environment, enabling network engineers, CloudOps, DevOps, and software developers to easily design and build orchestrated workflows.

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Maintain Governance Over Cloud Networking Infrastructure

Enable networking teams to manage configuration and enable compliance for both CLI and API-based network infrastructure and ensure uniform configuration of routing policies for devices and services.

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screenshot of the automated configuration management capabilities of the itential automation platform featuring a golden configuration tree
screenshot of itential automation gateway with a card view of available scripts from ansible, terraform, and python

Bring Your Own Automation

Whether it’s using Python, Ansible, Terraform or any other technology, Itential allows you to take any existing automations and integrate them into the Itential Automation Platform so they can be augmented with pre- and post-check processes and integrated with any common IT systems like ServiceNow, Infoblox, and Slack.

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No Code Integrations with Everything

Extend workflows beyond the network by providing a single, aggregated network API that connects other tools within your IT ecosystems like ticketing, change management, inventory, and monitoring tools.

Explore Integration Ecosystem

itential rapid integration ecosystem icon cloud featuring ansible, terraform, arista, cisco, aws, velocloud, solarwinds, and more
screenshot of the itential automation platform pre-built automations for cloud use cases; aws vpc creation, azure virtual network creation, & more

Pre-Built Workflows for Cloud Networking Use Cases

Get started Itential’s Pre-Built Automations for cloud networking deployment, change management, and compliance use cases.

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