Network Orchestration for Multi-Domain Infrastructure

Orchestrate across hybrid, multi-cloud network and automation domains.

Your Challenges

Enterprises have adopted a hybrid model of operation with applications and services hosted in both on-prem data centers and multiple cloud environments. With more applications and services migrating to the cloud, network teams are faced with key challenges around technology integration, skills, and complexity associated with managing bespoke automation domain silos.

Trends driving the evolution from automation to orchestration:

  • Shift to the cloud creates new complexity in managing workloads across various on-prem and cloud technologies.
  • Requirements to centralize and orchestrate automation across siloed network domains and tools.
  • Inability to integrate technology across public cloud, private cloud, and traditional enterprise infrastructure.
  • Increased business needs to deliver services same day.
  • Lack of skills to support diverse and changing environments.
  • Need for self-service consumption of network services from external systems and teams.

Why Orchestration is Needed to Scale Automation

Most network teams are doing some form of task automation, such as writing scripts to automate a single activity such as a configuration change or utilizing controllers such as SD-WAN and data center management tools. While this type of narrow-scope automation is worthwhile, it has marginal benefit. Domain automation provides modest increases in productivity at the individual engineer level within that domain but has minimal impact on the overall business because it fails to incorporate a broad enough set of activities to reduce overall effort and end-to-end process execution times.

To expand and scale automation strategies, network teams need to shift thinking from tools and scripting and focus on an end-to-end orchestration-centric approach.

Itential’s Unique Network Orchestration Capabilities

Itential is the only automation platform built to support hybrid multi-cloud network infrastructure, making it easy for enterprise organizations to standardize and maintain network configuration and compliance, reduce manual operations, and simplify hybrid multi-cloud network management. The Itential Automation Platform is an enterprise-grade, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), low-code solution that seamlessly integrates with any IT system, network, and cloud technologies and any existing automation tools, enabling end-to-end closed-loop process orchestration. With over 300+ Pre-Built Automations for top use cases and integrations to any system, Itential enables enterprise teams to maximize ROI on existing investments and start automating quickly.

Increase the Value of Your Existing Automations

The Itential Automation Platform provides out-of-the-box functionality for integrating with all existing network automation tools and technologies across every domain – from controllers to custom code. With Itential, leverage and extend existing investments in automation technology and skillsets, while increasing the value and usage of these assets by leveraging them in orchestration workflows and exposing them securely so other teams, programs, and platforms can utilize them.

Rapid Integration & Data Transformation Capabilities

Itential’s API-first, integration approach to network orchestration is redefining how we manage complex, distributed networks. The Itential Automation Platform is the only solution that can integrate with any network (physical, virtual, and cloud) or automation tool, and any IT system, and transform data between them into a common language (JSON) delivering a unified, real-time federated view of your network resources. Our patented approach simplifies network orchestration in that users do not need to learn multiple technology types and can reduce time and effort in deploying, managing, and maintaining network infrastructure.

Low-Code Workflow Flexibility

The Itential Automation Platform is built on a true low-code paradigm, not only for creation of integrations but also for designing of automation/orchestration workflows. Network teams can easily design and build orchestrations using Itential’s low-code, drag-and-drop workflow canvas for rapidly creating visual workflows that connect automation domains and IT systems for closed-loop automation – saving significant time and reducing the effort to enable rapid orchestration flow creation and management.

Ease of Use & Rapid Time to Value

Itential maintains an open source repository of pre-built workflow orchestrations that end users can deploy immediately, enabling anyone, regardless of skillset, to participate directly in the development, testing, and operation of network orchestrations. These out-of-the-box pre-builts enable users to build flexible and reusable content pieces that can be standardized and centralized for maximum control and compliance for end-to-end orchestration.


The Itential Automation Platform is built on a modern technology stack designed to scale up to the largest networks in the world. Itential’s fully managed cloud offering is the fastest way to implement orchestration at scale and our SaaS platform eliminates all manual software and infrastructure maintenance services, so you can deploy quickly and get started in minutes. Additionally, Itential includes Pre-Built Automations and Integrations with most popular CI/CD tools, enabling Itential users to easily create orchestration CI/CD pipelines for greater scale and faster service introduction.

Business-Value Focused

The Itential Automation Platform provides visibility to the orchestration environment in real-time, enabling teams to define and track metrics that quantify the business value of the system. Organizations can measure and optimize their orchestrations to maximize the impact to the business. Additionally, Itential customers experience immediate return on investment and greater velocity gains through orchestrating network operations.

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