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Achieve maximum scale and efficiency with a standardized approach to transforming network operations through automation.

Building an Automation Factory to Transform Network Operations

As network automation technologies become more pervasive across service providers and enterprises, it has become apparent to business leaders that ad-hoc approaches to automation are unable to meet the needs of the business to transform because these approaches lack the ability to scale and to provide effective capabilities to perform more complex automation activities like end-to-end automation and service orchestration. By working with the largest network operators in the world, Itential has developed the Automation Factory to enable organizations to create the processes and competencies required for large scale, transformational network automation.

White Paper: Building an Automation Factory to Transform Network Operations

Automation Factory Model

The Itential Automation Factory model combines best practices for automation with principles inspired by mass production and industrialization. The goal of the Automation Factory is to create the capacity, capabilities, and velocity required for developing and deploying automation components that can be used by an organization to evolve from a non-automated, high manual effort operating model to a fully automated model.

By adopting the Automation Factory model, network teams can define and execute a strategy that is aligned with business imperatives to radically transform their organization to gain greater velocity and create opportunities for innovation.

The Automation Factory model includes everything such as:

  • Developing an effective automation strategy.
  • Designing a scalable, high-performance architecture.
  • Roles and competencies.
  • Automation Factory processes.
  • Selecting and prioritizing use cases for automation.
  • Technology evaluation.
  • Key metrics for automation.
  • Financial analysis and modeling.
  • Creating a business justification for implementing an Automation Factory.

Automation Factory Key Components

three boxes of network configuration code representing the breadth of networking uses cases you can automate with the itential platform

Use Cases

The ability to determine, prioritize, and select the right use cases to automate for your organization.
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Understand the available options and choose the right tools and technologies that provide the most efficient path (time and cost) to benefits, while enabling the broadest set of use cases to be automated.
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an overlay of systems and code with an automation gear representing the technologies available for network automation and orchestration
icon of people overlayed with tasks list representing the different roles and responsiblities of network automation and orchestration teams

Roles & Responsibilities

The engineers, developers, business stakeholders, architects, and operations personnel who will define and execute the activities for selecting, quantifying, prioritizing, developing, and deploying the Automation Factory outputs.
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The processes that will guide the business and technical decisions, evaluation processes, architecture choices, tool implementation, software development, testing, and operation of the Automaton Factory.
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icon of process overlayed with gears representing the proccessed that guide business and techincal decisions for network automation
document icon with overlay of analytic elements representing the financial analysis of network automation and orchestration goals

Business Factors

The financial analysis capabilities, strategic direction, metrics, and other activities related to decision making, quantification, and achievement of business benefits.
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