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Evolving From Python to Platforms for Network Automation

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Productize Your Scripts & Scale Network Automation for All

Welcome Packet Pushers listeners! On our recent Heavy Networking podcast episode, we dive into the evolution of network automation and how to evolve from individual pockets of Python to platforms that enable secure team-wide self-service.

If you’ve been writing your own automation, we’re guessing you’ve run into this problem. You have a directory, it’s got a bunch of Python scripts or Ansible Playbooks in it. And yeah, they’re way better than CLI copy-paste, but who besides you can safely use those scripts or run those playbooks? Hmm, it’s all a bit fragile. And that makes you irreplaceable. And that’s not good. You want to be able to go on vacation or be sick or have dinner without getting a call, which means you need a network automation system that is not fragile that anyone in your organization can use and that leverages the automation work you’ve already done.

At Itential, we believe automation must be practical to implement and operate – that allows you to take your existing automation work and build a system around it for scale.

Go ahead, take a test drive.

Explore Itential’s Network Automation Capabilities

Secure, Organize, Share, & Run Your Script Automations

Support for all script tools across Python, Playbooks, and Plans, Itential Automation Gateway provides advanced enterprise features for LDAP, RBAC, audit and logging of scripts to enable securely exposing and sharing assets across teams; and provides secure API script execution to integrate with IT platforms and CICD pipelines.
Explore IAG

Automate Configuration Standardization & Maintain Compliance

Manage configurations for both physical and cloud infrastructure and ensure compliance across your entire network with Itential’s configuration automation capabilities.
Explore Configuration Manager

Integrate Automations with IT & Network Technologies

Itential integrates with everything in your ecosystem across inventory, IPAM, ITSM, discovery, and telemetry and federates the data for easily integrating into automation workflows.
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Deliver Self-Service Network Capabilities Across Your Team

Easily build automations using Itential’s low-code, drag-and-drop workflow canvas and publish to other teams through our self-service catalog.
Explore Operations Manager

end-to-end network automation workflow of a network change in the itential automation platform integrated with a source of truth

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