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Enabling Self-Service Automation & NetDevOps with Itential

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Deliver Self-Service Networking & Scale Automation from Ticket Creation to Ticket Closure

Welcome Packet Pushers listeners! On our recent podcast episode, we explore the concept of NetDevOps and how to advance your network to the point where it’s self-service; that is, the network you operate can be consumed the way public cloud services are consumed.

To safely provide self-service networking to your organization you have to know how users and business units interact with the network, how to test before and after a change, how ticketing and notification systems are updated, and how changes themselves are codified and pushed into the network. If you’re on this journey, you’ve probably got some combination of tool spread, co-workers that have come and gone (leaving their artisanal automation artifacts behind), and organizational silos that seem determined to keep what you’re doing separate from what everyone else in IT is doing.

You’re not alone. Most network engineers trying to make automation a reality face the same hurdles. At Itential, we believe automation must be practical to implement and operate, with the goal of getting to NetDevOps and self-service.

Ready to test drive Itential automation?

Onboard & Leverage Existing Automations

Organize, secure, enhance and share Ansible, Python, Nornir and Terraform scripts across your organization.

Automate Configuration Standardization

Manage configurations for both physical and cloud infrastructure and ensure compliance across your entire network with Itential’s configuration automation capabilities.

Integrate a Federated Source of Truth

No need for a single source of truth, Itential integrates with everything in your ecosystem and federates the data for easily integrating into automation workflows.

Deliver Self-Service Network Capabilities Across Your Team

Easily build automations using Itential’s low-code, drag-and-drop workflow canvas and publish to other teams through our self-service catalog.

end-to-end network automation workflow of a network change in the itential automation platform integrated with a source of truth

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