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Mitigate Manual Operations & Scale Network Automation & Orchestration Across IT

One of the biggest barriers to digital transformation is the typical enterprise network, which is still reliant on manual, human-centric procedures, fragmented tools, and a lack of skillsets that are unable to scale and keep pace with today’s complex, hybrid cloud infrastructure. Itential provides flexible automation and orchestration software that allows IT to define and implement workflows that orchestrate network change processes from ticket creation to ticket closure. With out-of-the-box integrations to any IT system, network technology and cloud service, as well as the ability to leverage existing tools and procedures, Itential simplifies automation and orchestration to maximizes ROI on existing investments. With our drag-and-drop workflow canvas, everyone from network teams to software developers can participate in automation, mitigate errors associated with manual processes, and accelerate time to deliver new innovative services to the business.

White Paper: Delivering Network Automation in a Hybrid Cloud World

Itential Accelerates Digital Transformation for Enterprises Around the World

S&P Global Enables Self-Service to Deliver Network Services Same Day Through Automation with Itential

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photo of the front of an airplane in the sky representing an itential network automation case study on automating software upgrades

Major U.S. Airline Leverages Itential to Automate Software Upgrades, Reduces Time from 4 Months to 4 Hours

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photo of modern glass office building from the ground looking up representing an itential case study on automating load balancers

Large Financial Institution Leverages Itential to Automate Load Balancer Requests for 80% Increase in Time Savings

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Why Enterprises Trust Itential to Automate & Orchestrate their Critical Infrastructure

Itential is redefining network automation and orchestration at scale. The world’s largest companies use our automation and orchestration products to deliver services faster, simplify network change management, and maintain security with standardized configuration and compliance. Itential helps to accelerate the journey from task-based automations to orchestrated processes, operationalizing network automation at scale and delivering such benefits as:

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Before Itential, our best engineer took 4 months to write an Ansible script for upgrades that, with Itential we had working by lunch.

Senior Manager – Network Engineering, Major U.S. Airline

Benefits Delivered to the Enterprise

Improved Operational Efficiencies
Mitigate network outages and reduce time spent on repetitive, manual tasks by automating and orchestrating such functions as network change management and device configuration and compliance.

Accelerated Time to Market
Deliver new services faster by orchestrating the deployment and provisioning of network services such as SD-WAN branch turnup, load balancing changes, and virtual private cloud deployment.

Automation & Orchestration at Scale
Expand automation utilization across IT by simplifying the complexity associated with managing multiple systems and network technologies and enable non-network experts to drive end-to-end orchestration.

Itential Automation & Orchestration Capabilities for the Enterprise

Knowing where to start with network automation is the hardest part, which is why we built a flexible product ecosystem that meets customers where they are in their journey. From scripts to self-service – our focus on automation and orchestration for hybrid cloud networks enables our enterprise customers to fully realize orchestrated end-to-end processes. Until now, infrastructure orchestration has been mainly an aspirational goal, but Itential’s platform allows organizations to efficiently transform network activities into self-serve, application-driven outcomes.

Onboard & Leverage Existing Automations

Organize, secure, enhance, and share Ansible, Python, and Terraform automations across your organization.

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Automate Configuration Standardization

Manage configurations for both physical and cloud infrastructure and ensure compliance across your entire network with Itential’s configuration automation capabilities.

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Integrate a Federated Source of Truth

Support every source of truth as Itential integrates with everything in your ecosystem and federates the data for easily integrating into orchestration workflows.

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Deliver Self-Service Network Capabilities Across Your Team

Easily build orchestrations using Itential’s low-code, drag-and-drop workflow canvas and publish to other teams through our self-service catalog.

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