Network Configuration & Compliance Management

Simplify & Automate Configuration, Compliance, & Remediation for Network & Cloud Infrastructure

  • Full Network Visibility with One Application
  • Connect to Any Network Device Type or Vendor
  • Robust Golden Configuration Templates
  • Validate Changes Before They are Made
  • Automated Remediation & Reporting

Manage All CLI & API Configurations From a Single Application

  • Single federated inventory of all network devices and cloud services together for unified management.
  • Backup and manage all configurations for all devices and services across physical and cloud.
  • Create flexible device groups based on OS type.
  • Support for any network device type (physical or virtual) and any cloud service type and any vendor.

Flexible & Reusable Golden Configuration Templates

  • Dynamic and flexible Golden Configuration templates for any device and any service across network and cloud infrastructure.
  • Reduce the number and complexity of your Golden Configurations.
  • Easily add, modify, and remove configuration lines and the changes will be inherited to child nodes based on location in the Golden Configuration tree.
  • Reduce misconfigurations across your entire network.

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Validate a Network Change Before Its Made

  • Eliminate exposure due to configuration drift.
  • Quickly create and publish self-service automations, that include validating changes before they are made to ensure guardrails when automating.
  • Unify your change processes with automation processes for a fully integrated approach to configuration management.

Ensure Compliance with Automated Remediation

  • Automate the remediation of devices and cloud services that are out of compliance in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Proactively schedule compliance checks and ensure your entire network is in compliance before it becomes an issue, detect non-compliant assets rapidly.
  • Historical reports of device compliance help identify and eliminate persistent issues.
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Want Network Automation?

Start with Compliance & Validation

Integrate Configuration & Compliance Process with IT Systems

  • Connect with everything in your ecosystem with integrations to hundreds of IT systems such as Jira, ServiceNow, and more.
  • Quantify time saved for each automation through analysis and reporting.
  • Incorporate automations from IT teams together, all within a single platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Configuration Manager?

Configuration Manager is an application within the Itential Automation Platform that enables networking teams to schedule the backup of device configurations and manage those configurations. Using those configurations, the application can ensure compliance across both traditional and cloud-based networking infrastructure. Configuration Manager provides a simple way to create a configuration standard for both CLI and API managed devices and services.
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Does Configuration Manager support detection of configuration drift, compliance validation, and auto remediation?

Yes, compliance reports can be generated manually or scheduled, and if any configuration drift is detected remediation can occur manually or automatically using an automation workflow.
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Does Configuration Manager support network device onboarding and lifecycle management, including configuration compliance against Golden Configuration?

Configuration Manager is focused on providing configuration compliance across all network devices and services. Onboarding of devices and lifecycle management are features within the Itential Automation Platform and work in an integrated way to provide full device onboarding and day 0 through day N lifecycle management.

How does Configuration Manager support on-demand and scheduled compliance checks against targeted device groups?

Configuration Manager allows networking teams to run compliance checks manually (on-demand) or to schedule compliance checks on a recurring basis. These compliance checks can be run across any portion of a Golden Configuration tree to support the targeted devices.

How does Configuration Manager support compliance of API-based network devices and cloud services?

The Itential Automation Platform uses APIs to integrate with networking systems or cloud services. The API methods are then made available as tasks, which can be used in Configuration Manager to provide configuration details on a particular network service. These configuration details are presented as a JSON object, which can be compared to a Golden Configuration standard defined for that device or service.

Which network vendors and device types do you support in Configuration Manager?

For CLI-based devices, we have support for a variety of devices from Cisco, Juniper, Arista, F5, A10, and Aruba. Users can add additional device types by leveraging the Extensible Device Support Wizard.

For API-based services, we support any services which make their configuration details available through an API method. This would typically include a vast majority of networking services today.

How many devices do you support in Configuration Manager?

There is no upper limit based on number of devices that can be supported. Any limitations will be based on resource constraints of the hardware that is running the Itential Automation Platform.

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