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Achieve Network Automation at Scale

No Matter Where You Are on Your Automation Journey,
Itential can Help.

Hundreds of companies trust Itential to accelerate their journey from manual processes to self-service automation, operationalizing network automation at scale.

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Just Getting Started?

Leverage & Extend Your Existing CLI Automations & Scripts

Propel network automation and network programmability with Itential’s ‘Bring Your Own Automation’ capabilities which enable network teams to securely organize, run and share their library of existing CLI automations. These powerful features enable you to take your automation efforts to the next level, drive adoption, and maximize your investments without having to start from scratch. Easily consume and utilize all scripts (Python, Bash, Perl, C, etc.) Ansible Playbooks, Modules & Roles, Terraform, Netmiko, and Nornir, Spreadsheets & Custom-Built Automations within automation workflows with Itential.
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itential automation gateway screenshot leveraging ansible, python, cli, terraform, nornir and netmiko scripts
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Looking to Expand?

Extend Automation Past the Network

It’s time to expand network management and automation to other roles in the organization, from DevOps to IT to software developers. Itential simplifies the complexity associated with managing multiple systems and network technologies and enables non-network experts to drive end-to-end automation. Our low-code environment enables network engineers to easily drag and drop forms and pre-built templates to create network automation workflows.

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Orchestrating Multiple Processes?

Scale Automation with Self-Service

Deploy network automation in your organization at your own pace by easily customizing workflows and tailoring the platform to meet the requirements of your current business processes and use cases. Get started by automating network maintenance and operations tasks such as router/switch upgrades and device management, to then managing device configuration and compliance, and as your automation priorities scale end-to-end process automation and IT orchestration, we scale as you grow.

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diagram of the itential automation platform connected to IT systems northbound and network technologies southbound to orchestrate processes


The Only Solution That Can Automate Anything

Rapidly Setup, Provision, & Deploy
Rapidly deploy new technology from controllers to infrastructure, devices, and branch sites.

Simplify Day-to-Day Change Management (Day 2)
Automate pre- and post-checks from ticket creation to ticket closure for managing day-to-day network changes.

Ensure Configuration Standardization & Compliance
Robust configuration management across all network types and automatically remediate out of compliance assets.

Orchestrate Across Your Entire Ecosystem
Integrate with any IT system and source of truth for end-to-end orchestration across all your networks. Deliver self-service network capabilities to IT teams.

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