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Today’s Distributed Network

The explosion in the demand for new cloud-based services, applications, and networks has resulted in tangible changes within other network domains like data centers, WANs, and campus networks. However, a lack of interoperability across these distributed network domains has led to siloed operations, increased ‘ClickOps’ activities, and ultimately higher operational costs. This is placing an increased burden on already stretched network operations teams to not only maintain ‘business as usual’ services, but also deploy new ones, like migrating remote sites to SD-WAN. NetOps teams are now expected to manage multiple vertical solutions across multiple domains, which also comes with a steep learning curve.

Why Orchestration for SD-WAN?

Network orchestration is the key to enabling organizations to transition and manage legacy networks in combination with next-generation technologies, like SD-WAN using a single platform, while providing agility and flexibility that allows for collaboration across IT and networking teams.

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Deploy Faster
Deploy more SD-WAN sites in a single maintenance window, lowering operational costs.

Scale Operations
Orchestrate all SD-WAN changes at scale, mitigating human errors.

Maintain Compliance
Ensure SD-WAN configurations are always in compliance to evolving security standards.

Integrate Operations
Integrate siloed operations across distributed multi-domain networks, complex platform interactions.

Itential SD-WAN Automation & Orchestration Use Cases

Streamline Day 0/1 SD-WAN Deployments

Automate the end-to-end process for SD-WAN deployment to integrate with any source of truth, ITSM, and network system to eliminate manual steps which cause delays and prevent teams from deploying sites quickly.
SD-WAN Device Onboarding

Simplify Day 2 Change Management

Build workflows that can open and update tickets, make network changes, ensure network function, and close tickets that reduce daily backlog due to manual changes.
SD-WAN Branch Management

Ensure Configuration Standardization & Compliance

Build Golden Configuration templates to define a configuration standard that can be used with an API integration to ensure that SD-WAN devices are always in compliance.
Network Configuration & Remediationt

Orchestrate Across Multi-Domain, Multi-Vendor Networks

Itential mitigates the complexity of managing multiple network types and vendors by consuming and federating the systems and networks managed by those systems, abstracting the complexity from the user for simplified orchestration.
Multi-Domain Orchestration (ITSM, IPAM, etc.)

Automate & Orchestrate SD-WAN Management with the Itential Automation Platform

Itential simplifies the management and configuration processes for SD-WAN, enabling organizations to drastically reduce risks, improve efficiency, increase agility, launch applications faster, and drive overall business value. Itential supports a wide range of southbound options for interacting with the network and SD-WAN systems, including CloudGenix, Versa, Cisco Meraki, Cisco Viptela, FlexiWAN, Silver Peak, VeloCloud, and others; allowing users to orchestrate even the most complex multi-vendor SD-WAN environments.

Users can gain greater velocity for their SD-WAN deployments and operations by leveraging the capabilities of Itential’s automation solution such as:

screenshot of the low-code drag-and-drop workflow canvas with tasks in the itential network automation platform

Low-Code Workflow Canvas

Drag-and-drop workflow canvas for network engineers and non-programmers to build integrated workflows that enable the orchestration of any CLI-based network devices and API cloud services.

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Manage Configuration & Compliance

Ensure your SD-WAN network is secure and reliable by combining automation and compliance. Itential enables operational consistency across both physical and cloud networks, and CLI and API services.

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screenshot of the automated configuration management capabilities of the itential automation platform featuring a golden configuration tree
screenshot of the itential automation platform pre-built automations for the sdwan; meraki & versa device onboarding, configuration & more

Pre-Built Workflows for SD-WAN Use Cases

Get started Itential’s Pre-Built Workflows for SD-WAN deployment, change, and compliance use cases.

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No-Code Integration with Everything

Integrate operational processes and connect your entire IT ecosystem such as ticketing, change management, inventory, monitoring tools, and any network technology and SD-WAN system with Itential’s library of open integrations to 100+ systems.

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itential rapid integration ecosystem icon cloud featuring ansible, terraform, arista, cisco, aws, velocloud, solarwinds, and more

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