Explore the new features & functionality in the latest release of the Itential Automation Platform (IAP).

Supercharge NetDevOps with New Features for Automation Collaboration, Robust Infrastructure Compliance, & Stateful Orchestration

Itential’s latest release is redefining the way NetDevOps teams collaborate and manage the lifecycle of their automation workflows. This release not only simplifies the creation and sharing of automation projects but also ensures that managing network service models is more intuitive than ever. With enhanced compliance features and a centralized Automation Marketplace, Itential 23.2 transforms complex network tasks into streamlined orchestrated operations, keeping your network agile, secure, and ahead of the curve.

What’s New?

Automation Collaboration
Stateful Orchestration
Application Infrastructure Compliance

Automation Collaboration, Amplified

With the 23.2 release, we’ve dialed up the efficiency for NetDevOps teams, enhancing the way they collaborate, maximize reusability with modular components, and access vital automation assets on the fly. It’s like giving your workflows a turbo boost, ensuring you get from design to deployment at the pace your network demands. So now, you can not only do more — you can do it faster, smarter, and with a level of synergy that feels almost telepathic.


Get in the Flow with Automation Projects

Automation Projects isn’t just a feature — it’s your new command center. Grant access to your team with a click and transform workflows into orchestrated masterpieces. With Projects, teams can discover, create, refine, and collaborate on automation at scale.

  • Consolidate with Confidence: Everything you need, now in one Project. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for your automation workflows — compact, organized, and incredibly handy.
  • Folders & Hierarchy: Create a logical structure that makes sense. Our Project folders are like a well-organized tool chest, everything in its right place.
  • Decide Who Does What: From Owners to Viewers, define access levels with precision. It’s your Project, your rules.
  • One-Click Export: With a single click, your Project is packaged for the world of version control systems like Git and easily integrates into existing development processes.

Workflow Your Way with New Canvas Enhancements

With our new canvas enhancements, the need to sift through cumbersome workflows is a relic of the past. Designers can now invest their talents where it matters — innovation and construction, rather than the tedium of asset retrieval.

  • Canvas Search: Leap to the needed task with a simple search, streamlining your workflow design process.
  • Reference View: Grasp the essence of your workflow with a clear view of how tasks interconnect, enhancing logical comprehension.
  • Asset Filtering: Access the assets you need, when you need them, filtered for your convenience.

Discover, Use, Accelerate, with Automation Marketplace

Completely reimagined, Itential’s Automation Marketplace (evolved from the Pre-Built Collection) provides a streamlined, interactive hub for users to quickly find and deploy pre-built modular assets within the Itential ecosystem. It’s designed to facilitate the saving, sharing, and repurposing of proven automation practices, all to fast-track network automation and orchestration efforts.

With an expansive suite of integrations, automations, data transformations, and applications — developed by Itential and contributed by customers and partners—the Automation Marketplace is your go-to resource for accelerating automation and orchestration.

  • Quick Access: Locate integrations and assets relevant to your organization in seconds.
  • Modular Efficiency: Save time and effort by using pre-built modular use cases, workflows, and assets.
  • Rapid Time to Value: Build automations faster with example use cases, documentation, and helpful videos.

Track & Update Data with Stateful Orchestration

With Itential’s new application, Lifecycle Manager (LCM), effortlessly define and monitor data models across all facets of your network infrastructure. This robust application simplifies the creation of service models, ensuring your data remains up to date through workflows adept in CRUD operations. Providing clear oversight and management of your applications and services, LCM acts as a flexible and logical command center for navigating the complexities of network services, orchestrating resources and data with precision and ease.

  • Adaptable Resource Models: Craft and store detailed, persistent data schemas from various sources, tailored to each device or service.
  • Tailored Actions: Utilize workflows to adaptively update and advance service data through its lifecycle stages.
  • Snapshot View: Take a quick, comprehensive look at all service instances and their current states.
  • Chronicle History: Keep a detailed log of all actions and modifications for thorough, retrospective analysis.

Explore Lifecycle Manager

Modern Compliance for Modern Application Infrastructure

Itential is advancing its capability to meticulously manage configuration, compliance, and reporting for a wide array of network devices and services. For infrastructure teams, this means upholding the highest standards of security and performance for business-critical applications, across cloud, data centers, and security domains. The 23.2 upgrade sharpens these tools, introducing more refined validation and reporting features to ensure optimal application operations.


Streamlined Configuration Compliance

Network and security teams can now bid farewell to the drudgery of manual configuration checks. The latest features to Itential’s Configuration Manager not only simplify compliance audits across both CLI and API-managed infrastructures but also adeptly handles ordered lists for CLI or JSON configurations — maintaining order without compromising security.

  • Smart Lists: Free your team from the complexities of configuration reviews with smart list ordering and restrictions.
  • Critical Config: Guarantee compliance for intricate configurations such as ACLs, route policies, and more.
  • Proactive Monitoring: Swiftly spot compliance deviations when changes occur within restricted configuration lists.

Robust Compliance Plans & In-Depth Reporting

Application owners gain a clearer view and detailed reporting on infrastructure, thanks to Itential’s latest feature, Compliance Plans. These plans enable infrastructure teams to craft custom compliance reports and schedule delivery to application teams, ensuring they have the insights when they need them most.

  • Compliance Plans: Craft comprehensive Compliance Plans that unify Golden Configuration templates and network devices.
  • Instant Reporting: Generate on-demand reports for immediate insights or schedule them for regular, automated delivery.
  • Security Assurance: Assess and ensure the correct application of security configurations across your network’s landscape.

Additional Supporting Features

  • SAML SSO for IAP: Provide Single Sign-On access to IAP with integration to your SAML Identity Access Management solution.
  • GIT Support for IAG: Keep IAG up to date with your latest automations by automatically pulling them from a central Git repository.

What’s Next?

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