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Why Network Teams Choose to Automate & Orchestrate with Itential

Itential is redefining network automation and orchestration at scale. The world’s largest companies use our products to deliver high-quality services faster, simplify network change management, and maintain security with standardized configuration and compliance.

Why Itential

Itential helps to accelerate the journey from task-based automation to orchestrated processes, operationalizing network automation and orchestration at scale and delivering such benefits as:

Enhanced Productivity & Efficiency
Reduce time spent on repetitive, manual tasks by automating such functions as network change management and device configuration and compliance. Enable high-code and low-code engineers to drive automation efforts and enable non-network experts to consume standardized network products.

Reduce Risk & Ensure Compliance
Maintain standards by ensuring network consumers request and receive standardized, orchestrated services published by the network and infrastructure teams. Ensure compliance across complexity with Golden Configuration trees and increased visibility.

Accelerated Service Delivery
Increase the impact of network engineers by turning repetitive manual work into reusable automation assets. Orchestrate changes end-to-end so they can be delivered instantly when developers and other network consumers request network services.

Service Quality & Reliability
Mitigate network outages and improve end user experience by building automated testing capabilities and accelerating remediation. Bring networking into the organization’s change management process to streamline auditing and troubleshooting.

Innovation & Enabling New Technology
Deliver new types of services faster by automating the deployment and provisioning of network services across hybrid cloud, SD-WAN, and edge. Leverage API-driven integration capabilities and JSON Data Transformation to easily adopt new platforms and technologies as they arise.

Learn From Our Customers

Leading Digital Payments Organization Eliminates Manual Change Processes Across Multi-Domain Networks through Self-Service Automation with Itential

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healthcare building
Leading Healthcare Insurance Provider Sunsets Legacy HPNA, Reduces Device Backups from Hours to Minutes with Itential’s Automated Configuration Management

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Major U.S. Airline Leverages Itential to Automate Software Upgrades, Reduces Time from 4 Months to 4 Hours

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TPx Communications Reduces Time to Provision SD-WAN Services from Hours to Minutes with Itential Automation

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Top FinTech Firm Delivers Self-Serve Automation for SD-WAN Configuration & Compliance With Itential

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Global Manufacturing Company Cuts Employee Software Deployments from Days to Minutes by Automating IT Service Requests

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Accelerating Service Delivery & Reducing Risk through Orchestration in FinTech

In 2023, Fiserv’s network processed $2.03 trillion USD in transactions — meaning network reliability is absolutely essential. At the same time, accelerating the delivery of network engineering is key to supporting innovative application development. By adopting Itential to orchestrate and standardize network services across their distributed, multi-vendor network, Fiserv has been able to lower the barrier to entry for network engineers to use automation and accelerate service delivery while simultaneously reducing the risk of incidents caused by human error.

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S&P Global

Delivering Self-Serve Networking

With Itential, the S&P Global Network Services team has reduced manual effort by 80-90% and reduced completion times to hours instead of days. By enabling self-service networking for their network engineers, they have realized such results as reducing their firewall configurations from days to minutes and firewall rule changes from minutes to seconds. With Itential, the S&P Global network team can orchestrate a higher level of activities more quickly, accelerating their time to deliver value to customers, ensuring customer retention, expansion and ultimately, satisfaction.

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What Our Customers Say

Our SaaS platform is built for scale, with over 10 Billion+ automations processed with Itential for critical networks around the world.

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Digital Transformation Though Automating Network Operations

By leveraging DevOps principles combined with the ease of use of the Itential Automation Platform, the Lumen IT and Operations teams were able to partner and quickly deliver end-to-end orchestrations scaling over 200 million jobs and tasks per month. This has resulted in enabling customers to rapidly respond to changing market demands by providing agile, on-demand and responsive network and cloud services.

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Building an Automation Factory to Transform Network Service Delivery

By implementing an Automation Factory Model with the Itential Automation Platform at the core of their strategy, Colt was able to rapidly and successfully progress their automation journey to enable true end-to-end orchestration. This has resulted in increased velocity to roll out many high-impact use cases without having to reskill their team.

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