Delivering Network Automation for All

Expand network access and drive automation across IT and networking, enabling multiple groups to contribute to and accelerate network automation.

Operationalizing Network Automation for All

Digital business and the move to the cloud have fundamentally changed the rules in networking and network teams are being asked to deliver more capabilities, at an increased pace, with fewer errors. Traditional manual network operations activities are a significant obstacle to an organizations ability to scale their networks to meet demands, which has led to pockets of automation, duplication of effort, and conflicts among siloed groups across network operations, DevOps, and IT Ops teams.

Network automation, when taken as part of an overarching IT strategy can enable IT and the network team to reach new heights of efficiency, reduce costs and deliver immediate time to value and shift applications from simply being a user of the network and infrastructure services to being able to control those services itself.

Itential’s platform provides an integrated set of tools that can automate a single network task, or an entire IT process, which can streamline service delivery and unify automation efforts – ultimately making it easy for all groups to operate efficiently in their day-to-day activities and scaling enterprise automation for all.

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Network Engineering Teams

  • Support for existing CLI-based automations and easily integrating with and transforming custom-built Scripts, Ansible, and Terraform assets into APIs for use in automation workflows.
  • Automation workflow canvas that allows for low-code creation of sophisticated network automation processes as simply as dragging-and-dropping tasks onto a canvas.
  • Command Templates for codeless pre-check and post-check processes, that are created simply using your existing experience of CLI commands and extensive network knowledge.
  • Configuration management that provides powerful device management, definition of standardized configuration, compliance auditing, and remediation of any discrepancies found.
product screenshot of the itential network automation platform features for network engineering teams with cli showcased

Software Development Teams

product screenshot of the itential network automation platform features for software development teams with low-code workflow canvas
  • Open library of Integrations to any IT system – over hundreds of pre-built integrations to systems spanning ITSM, CRM, notifications, etc.
  • Integration Builder that provides a standardized framework for development of new adapters to integrate with third-party systems.
  • Pre-Built Automations such as workflows, templates, forms, and service models that remove the need for the software engineers to know the network as well as network engineers.
  • Automation Services that are freely available, API-enabled web-based services from Itential that provide a host of useful features that will help in the development of new network automations.
  • Self-Service operations to enable automations to be securely published through an API so it can be called and run from an external program, service, or process outside of the platform.
  • Application-driven event triggers that execute automations immediately in response to an external event through integration with messaging and event notification systems.

Operations Teams

  • Native API-first integration with any any network, cloud, security, or IT system.
  • Configuration management and security/operational compliance of physical, virtual and cloud native network devices and services.
  • Integration with CI/CD tools and services to incorporate CI/CD practices into your network automation and orchestration initiatives to gain greater velocity and improve delivery.
  • Support existing automation assets from Ansible, Terraform, and scripts written in Python or other languages.
  • Orchestration of policy changes across security devices and services, whether physical, virtual, or cloud.
product screenshot of the itential network automation platform features for operations teams with data transformation feature
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