How to Automate Network Change Management Processes with Itential & ServiceNow

Are you spending a considerable amount of time in ITSM systems like ServiceNow as a part of your network change process? What if you could save valuable time being stuck in tickets and instead have these systems integrated into your day-to-day operations as fully automated network change management processes? If you’ve attempted to program automations that integrate to these kinds of systems, you’ve probably realized how quickly it becomes a difficult and complex a process. That’s where Itential can help — we can get you started quickly building network automations to include systems like ServiceNow that will save you and your team more time.

Rich Martin, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Itential, will demonstrate automation techniques that integrate with ServiceNow, networking, and messaging systems in the Itential Automation Platform. In this live demo, he will showcase:

  • Using advanced automation logic and transformations with ServiceNow.
  • Real-time notification of ServiceNow tickets in messaging systems.
  • Reusability of ServiceNow workflows and transformation.
  • Publishing the ServiceNow automation within the platform.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Demo Overview
03:14 Build automation to Open, Update, & Close Tickets
08:33 Add Ticket Management to a Network Change Automation
38:52 Add Routine to Query ServiceNow for Current Ticket Status
48:08 Run End-to-End Automation & Verify Results