Top 10 Network Automation Use Cases

As networks become more complex, the activities necessary to maintain and manage them have become exponentially more difficult and time-consuming. Due to the constant pressure put on IT and NetOps teams to ensure their networks meet these growing demands, tasks such as software upgrades, migrations, and provisioning of new network elements in an efficient and compliant manner is critical and network automation is required to accelerate and maintain network operations.

Evaluating & Prioritizing Automation Use Cases

While many IT and NetOps teams have started down the road of network automation, others are still considering their first steps. Both groups face the question of which use cases to tackle first to realize the most time savings and productivity enhancements.

The key to any successful automation project starts with choosing the right use cases.

To do that, you must understand how best to evaluate and prioritize where to start based on the value each use case would deliver to your organization. Automation value can be delivered in many ways:

  1. Acceleration: The business benefit of reducing intervals.
  2. Productivity: Increased work capacity per engineer or team.
  3. Efficiency: Percent reduction in time/effort.

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  • How to jumpstart any network automation use case with the Itential Automation Platform.