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Enhancing Ansible for Network Automation & Orchestration

By leveraging your Ansible Playbooks with Itential’s automation and orchestration products, teams are able to get the most of the work they’ve already put into building Ansible automations. Itential’s Automation Gateway provides team with the tools they to collaborate with their team members on executing automations, while the Itential Automation Platform extends the reach of these automations by integrating as part of orchestrated workflows.

Explore the full capabilities of both automation and orchestration with Itential + Ansible.

Supercharge Your Ansible Playbooks for Network Automation with Itential’s Automation Gateway

Itential’s integration with Ansible allows network teams to focus on writing more automations instead of building and maintaining custom solutions to secure, organize, share, and manage how those automations are used by different groups within your organization. When teams manage their Ansible automations with Itential Automation Gateway, they can supercharge their work and propel their network automation abilities to the next level.

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Centralized Management for All Ansible Assets

Support for All Your Ansible Assets

Support all your existing Ansible assets: Modules, Playbooks, Roles, and Collections as well as your existing device inventory.

Central Location

Secure central location to manage all Ansible assets for the entire network organization.

Access Control

Easily know who has access to each automation, so you’re not left wondering.


Quickly search and locate the automation you need in a growing library of assets your organization has built.

Secure Execution Environment

Integrate with LDAP Systems

Authenticate users with an existing LDAP server and quickly build RBAC rules.

Audit Log

Comprehensive auditing with detailed logs for every action, access, or automation execution


Secured platform with session encryption and vault service for secrets.

API Accessibility

Input Validation

Decorate your Ansible automations to ensure user inputs are validated before execution.


Securely access your Ansible assets from a REST API to be utilized by other programs and platforms.


Easily leverage your ansible automations within DevOps CI/CD pipelines or via self-service portals such as ServiceNow.

Leverage Ansible with Other CLI Automations

Bring Your Own Automation

Easily onboard any of your other common automation assets such as Python and Terraform, etc.

Consolidated Management

Easily access and execute automations built in your organization in one place, regardless of the technology.

Increased Participation

Enable anyone on your team contribute automations for team-wide access and execution.

Itential has been a huge asset to our network automation teams. We’d reached a point where we were receiving a lot of benefit from work we’d done with Ansible but, we needed to both expand the team members who could participate in our network automation projects and expand the uses cases toward more orchestration-like activities. Itential’s software took our Ansible deployment to the next level and we’ve really just scratched the surface of what their products can do.

Senior Director, Network Engineering & Operations, Major US Financial Services Company

Extend Your Ansible Automation Reach with the Itential Automation Platform’s Orchestration Capabilities

Ansible is a powerful tool for task-based network automation, and as organizations invest more in these automations, they need to first provide a proper way to manage them with teams inside and outside of the network organization, and then provide an efficient way to orchestrate end-to-end processes and scale the use of automations across the enterprise. By leveraging the Itential Automation Platform (IAP), teams can see a significant increase in usage and adoption of Ansible automations.

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Expand Ansible Use Cases

Itential’s rich network orchestration capabilities enable organizations to expand the types of network changes automated with Ansible to include changes crossing multiple, diverse automation domains.

Visualize & Build Orchestrated Workflows that Include Ansible Automations

Seamlessly integrate all of your Ansible automations with IAP to be utilized on the visual, low-code workflow canvas and quickly integrate them together with cloud, network, and IT services to orchestrate end-to-end processes. This allows developers and network engineers alike to contribute. Ansible automations become critical tasks that work as part of a larger workflow, driving great level of automation scale and efficiency.
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Integrate with Ansible Tower

IAP integrates with Ansible Tower to provide an orchestration solution that works with DevOps and NetOps teams, enabling a visual dashboard, job scheduling, integrated notification and graphical inventory management.

Next-Generation Network Inventory Engine

Traditional network inventory tools rely on cached data, CMDB data imports, and stale inventory information. IAP creates and manages a next-generation network inventory engine that is always up-to-date and leverages a real-time federated data model.

Integrate with Any IT System

IAP integrates with any cloud or network solution and any IT system or service at the API level, and enables a visual workflow to utilize any of your Ansible automation along with API methods from any of these integrated systems, without the need to write and manage custom actions and integration code.

Utilize Data from Anywhere

Easily extract and transform data from any system to pass to your Ansible automations without custom code, and quickly extract the output from an Ansible automation to be used in workflows. Itential’s visual Data Transformation feature makes it simple to integrate your Ansible Playbooks together with different systems together like IPAMs, Inventory, and more.

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