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Itential Automation Gateway (IAG)

High-Code Automation Execution Platform

Secure, Organize, Share, & Run Your Script Automations

What You’ll See:
  • Accessing your network device inventory.
  • Onboarding your existing network automations.
  • Validating input to automations with Decoration.
  • Enabling AAA, LDAP, and RBAC for network automations.
  • Shared execution of network automations with auditing control.
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Itential Automation Platform (IAP)

Low-Code Orchestration Platform

End-to-End Orchestrations Across Hybrid, Multi-Cloud Networks

What You’ll See:
  • Orchestrating end-to-end processes utilizing your network automations.
  • Building visual workflows with integrations to network, cloud, and IT systems.
  • Creating pre-check and post-check processes for validating network changes.
  • Mapping data and transforming it for use between system tasks.
  • Automating configuration management backup, auditing, and remediation.
  • Enabling self-service infrastructure by publishing orchestrated workflows.
  • Installing adapters, integrations, and managing the platform.

Additional Product Tours

Automation Studio

Design & Build Low-Code Workflows

Rapidly design and build low-code orchestration workflows for automating any use case from ticket creation to ticket closure.

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Configuration Manager

Test & Validate Network Changes

Easily manage configurations for both physical and cloud infrastructure and ensure compliance across your entire network.

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Operations Manager

Manage, Measure, & Deliver Self-Serve Network Automation

Provide a unified view for managing automations and delivering self-service network consumption for IT teams.

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Lifecycle Manager

Stateful Orchestration & Resource Optimization

Dynamically update services as data changes and optimize resource utilization across hybrid infrastructure.

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Product Release: IAP 23.2

Collaboration, Compliance, & Lifecycle Management

Explore new features for collaboration and network management at scale.

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