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Meet Fast-Changing Business Needs with Network Automation

Digital transformation requires an agile network. More and more applications now depend on the network to deliver increasing application traffic faster than ever before. Legacy solutions are unable to keep up with today’s dynamic, always changing, highly distributed network environments that require tuning and management to meet these requirements. Automation drives the ability to modernize your foundational infrastructure and improves operational efficiency, agility, and the ability to scale operations to meet the demands of the business.

White Paper: End-to-End Network Automation for Network Services

Automating Network Services

To gain the speed and agility required to keep pace with fast-changing business needs, IT and networking organizations must mitigate manual network operations and focus on enabling network services automation. From initial deployment to day 2 operations and beyond, automation ensures every network component is properly configured, accelerating the delivery of applications and services to the business.

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Reduce Manual Overhead
Reduce or eliminate the need to manually reference multiple dashboards and consoles to gather the data required to make network changes.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Realize greater efficiency by enabling your network team will do more work in less time and focus on tasks that increase network performance and reliability.

Deliver Services Faster
Reduce time to complete a new service request from weeks to minutes or hours by automating network services and network changes together, increasing customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations.

Scale Operations
Easily create, test, and publish secure automations from a self-service portal from Itential or an external application, like ServiceNow.

Itential Network Services Automation Use Cases

Accelerate Day 0/1 Deployment of New Services

Provision and deploy new network infrastructure more quickly, with less errors, by automating the entire end-to-end process, mitigating manual errors.
DNS Management
Load Balancing
VIP Management

Streamline Day 2 Change Management

Safely reduce backlog by automating security infrastructure changes driven by new applications and services across data center and cloud.
Firewall Configuration & Policy Management
Cloud Firewall Configuration & Policy Changes
Load Balancing
Cloud VIP Load Balancer Management
Cloud DNS Updates

Ensure Configuration Standardization & Compliance

Easily build and update Golden Configuration templates that can be used for scheduled, automated network compliance checks to identify drift and possible risk. Leverage the same templates to preventatively validate a network change before it’s made, avoiding unnecessary risk due to configuration errors.
Network Configuration & Compliance
Cloud VPC & VNet Configuration & Compliance

Orchestrate Across Multi-Domain, Multi-Vendor Networks

With Itential, automate the delivery of application connectivity across any network domain, across any network vendor, and across any type of network — physical, virtual, or cloud, mitigating the complexity of managing multiple network types and vendors by consuming and federating the systems and networks managed by those systems, abstracting the complexity from the user for simplified automation and orchestration.
Multi-Domain Orchestration (ITSM, IPAM, etc.)

Automate & Orchestrate Network Services with the Itential Automation Platform

Itential provides the ability to integrate with the IT ecosystem your organization has today and the flexibility to continue to integrate with the systems you may use tomorrow. The Itential Automation Platform easily integrates with any network services, to be used in network automation workflow and easily creates automations that can query or update these services immediately when needed by the automation. Whether the network service provides data for a network change, or it provides connectivity for an application, it’s part of the automation process and no longer requires manual, human intervention.

Network organizations can automate the use of network services to optimize network operations by leveraging the unique features of Itential’s automation solutions such as:

screenshot of the low-code drag-and-drop workflow canvas with tasks in the itential network automation platform

Integrate Network Services into Automated Workflows

Include any necessary network services, from gathering data to updating load balancers and firewalls, into your automations by dropping them into a visual canvas, ensuring the network is configured correctly and operating efficiently.

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Configuration Management

Enable networking teams to manage network configuration and enable security teams to audit both CLI and API-based network infrastructure with modern network tools to ensure uniform and secure configuration of network devices and services.

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screenshot of the automated configuration management capabilities of the itential automation platform featuring a golden configuration tree
itential rapid integration ecosystem icon cloud featuring ansible, terraform, arista, cisco, aws, velocloud, solarwinds, and more

API-First Architecture

Quickly and easily integrate with any IT system, network service, or cloud platform using standards-based, published API documentation and easily use the API methods in automation workflows.

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Pre-Built Automations for Network Services Use Cases

Quickly extend your network change automations to network services for DNS, IPAMs, load balancers, firewall rules, and more.

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screenshot of the itential automation platform pre-built automations for network services use cases; port turnup, device onboarding, & more
read a case study of a large financial institution who leverages itential to automate load balancer requests for 80% increase in time savings
watch a demo video of the itential automation platform solution features and capabilities for automated network operations
download an analyst report: gartner cool vendor in network automation report featuring the itential automation platform

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