How Itential Helps NetDevOps to Enhance their Ability to Test & Validate Network Automations (NFD 31)

NetDevOps teams must ensure that every automation is validated and tested before production deployments. In this session, Joksan Flores, Senior Solutions Engineer at Itential, demonstrates how NetDevOps teams can manage configurations with Itential’s Configuration Manager application within the Itential Automation Platform and provide testing, validation, and verification before changes are introduced into the network with capabilities such as:

  • End-to-end input validation through the use of JSON schemas for API input and output.
  • Command templates to generate robust pre-check and post-check processes that can be reused to build a library of testing and validation assets.
  • Support for both traditional CLI-managed interfaces and modern APIs to ensure compliance is maintained across the entire network and validated before a change is made.
  • Testing and outputs provided while building each asset to catch issues early.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 How Itential Supports Testing & Validation for API & CLI-Based Assets
03:00 Demo Overview
03:41 Creating Reusable Pre-Checks with Command Templates
08:49 Building Testing Into the Automation Workflow
10:23 Creating a Post-Check & Pre/Post Comparison
11:09 Building & Structuring Golden Configuration Templates
14:13 Leveraging Testing & Validation for API-Driven Processes
17:50 How Itential Enables More Proactive Validation
18:55 Validating Data at Multiple Levels
20:52 Q&A Discussion: Handling Task Failures & Errors