Automating Network Compliance: Introduction to Itential’s API Compliance Capabilities

Network configuration tasks take up a large portion of network teams’ time — networks are more distributed than ever, resulting in a more complex set of different compliance policies.

The good news is, modern network solutions such as controllers, orchestrators and cloud-based solutions have adopted APIs, providing the opportunity for network teams to leverage new options to manage configuration and compliance across hybrid infrastructure.

To ensure your API-managed network elements are configured securely and optimally through a lifetime of changes, network teams need a modern set of compliance tools that can utilize APIs and operate on the resulting configuration data.

The Itential Automation Platform provides robust API compliance capabilities that greatly simplify the process of building Golden Configuration templates and enforcing configuration compliance for any API-managed network solution in the same way that it does CLI-based devices. The new enhanced features in IAP 23.1 allow you to quickly build rules that operate on keys and values within deeply embedded and complex JSON objects. This helps enforce compliance your entire hybrid infrastructure and leverage automations to report on discrepancies and remediate any changes that may be needed.

In this demo, learn about Itential’s latest API compliance enhancements and how to:

  • Review onboarded APIs and identify API methods to use for compliance.
  • Build a Golden Configuration template for the API calls.
  • Configure different rules to evaluate keys and values for a JSON-based configuration.
  • Use a workflow to schedule a recurring automated compliance check with reporting.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Introduction & Demo Overview
03:30 Identify & Test API Calls to Use for Compliance
10:58 Create a New Golden Configuration Template for JSON
11:51 Overview of JSON Formatting
19:16 Compliance Rules with Example JSON
29:04 Create & Test Golden Configuration Template for AWS Network ACLs
33:16 Add an API Task to the Golden Configuration Node
34:20 Run Compliance Reports & Update the Template
48:00 Apply the Compliance Process for Other API-Based Services
49:16 Run the Compliance Process from a Workflow
52:45 Publish the Automation to Run on a Daily Schedule