Compliance Plans & Compliance for Ordered Lists

Itential 23.2 brings two transformative new sets of capabilities for configuration and compliance management: compliance for ordered lists and Compliance Plans.

There are critical parts of some configurations that must have ordered elements within them, such as ACLs. When making changes to the configuration, it’s critical that this ordering is not affected to avoid security risks or connectivity issues. New compliance features for ordered lists ensure teams can automate configuration management and maintain strict ordering as needed.

Compliance Plans are a way to oversee all infrastructure by applying multiple Golden Configurations across different defined infrastructure and generating reports. Compliance Plans can be run manually or automated and scheduled, providing high-value reports to help applications and application owners get key insight into underlying infrastructure.

In this overview demo, see how to:

  • Leverage ordering and restriction features to maintain compliance for configuration that has ordered elements, such as ACLs.
  • Build a Compliance Plan to generate a report across all infrastructure defined in the Plan.
  • Run Compliance Plans and view reports.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Overview of Golden Configuration & Compliance for Ordered Lists
03:08 Example: Compliance for Ordered Lists
05:40 Overview of Compliance Plans
07:07 Example: Compliance Plans