Lumen Automates & Orchestrates its Network Operations to Drive Business Transformation with Itential

Increasing Network Complexity

As one of the leading global telecommunications providers, Lumen is always finding ways to deliver the fastest, most secure platform for next-gen applications and data to their customers across 60 countries with over 450,000 miles of global router fiber. Faced with needing to provision services faster across an increasingly complex network spanning edge and hybrid cloud, they needed a way to unify their internal processes, customer purchase workflows, and disparate networking products.

Why They Chose Itential for Network Automation & Orchestration

In order to standardize Lumen’s internal network operations to effectively drive business transformation through increased productivity, efficiency, and customer experience, they chose to partner with Itential. With the Itential Automation Platform, Lumen can orchestrats functions such as order management, service provisioning, and service assurance across their multiple network domains.

By leveraging Itential’s API-first, machine-first model, they can drive automation across field operations, service assurance, and service delivery. The orchestration layer uses Itential to integrate with the control systems for each of the separate networks with over 50+ unique systems and network technologies to provide end-to-end visibility and management, streamlining and accelerating how they deliver services to their customers. With Itential, their network operations team can rapidly provision and deploy services through our:

Solution Snapshot

Company Size
50,000+ Employees

Communications Service Provider

Use Cases
Multi-Domain Service Orchestration


50+ internal systems, salesforce, vlocity, servicenow, uipath, cisco meraki, & more

Results Snapshot

lumen network automation with itential results

Itential has made it possible for our customers to utilize the Lumen application and data delivery platform in a way that best suits their individual needs –regardless of product mix, location, scale, scope and speed.

Richard Batelaan, EVP North America Operations, Lumen Technologies

Accelerating Customer Service Delivery & to Rapidly Meet Market Demands

By leveraging DevOps principles combined with the ease of use of the Itential Automation Platform, the Lumen IT and Operations teams were able to partner and quickly deliver end-to-end automations scaling over 200 million jobs and tasks per month. This has resulted in enabling customers to rapidly respond to changing market demands by providing agile, on-demand and responsive network and cloud services.

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