S&P Global Delivers Same Day Network Services Through Self-Service Automation with Itential


Financial Services

  • Shift to a Hybrid Cloud Model
  • Enable Same-Day Network Service Delivery
  • Accelerate Application Delivery
  • Increase Engineer Productivity
  • Self-Service Network Automation
  • Load Balancer Management
  • Firewall Configuration Management
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Key Results

Orchestrated network service workflows across 3 cloud providers, 10 data centers, and multiple network domains.

Reduced network engineers’ manual effort by 80-90%.

Accelerated delivery of key network services like firewall rule changes to accelerate application developers.

Enabled same-day self-service with multi-domain orchestration and integration with infrastructure and security systems.

The Need for Self-Service Network Automation

S&P Global, a global provider of financial information and data analytics, needed to accelerate their deployment of new applications and technologies. With four cloud providers and ten data centers that service over 60 offices, their Global Digital Network Services team needed to significantly improve the agility of multi-domain service delivery to better align with business objectives.

To achieve this goal, they knew they needed to choose the right tools and technologies that could provide the most efficient path (time and cost) to benefits, while enabling the broadest set of use cases to be automated. They needed a solution that would be easy to adopt, mitigating the need to reskill and retrain their team. In addition, they aimed to enable domain experts to focus their expertise on solving engineering challenges by offloading repetitive, time-intensive tasks to pre-built or pre-packaged automations or to tools that require minimal or no software development.

The pace of network services was really bogging our team down. We had to find the right tools that helped us bring the network up to speed without hurting security or adding headcount.

Senior Network Architect

Why S&P Global Chose Itential for Network Automation & Orchestration

To drive operational efficiency, S&P Global adopted the Itential Automation Platform to automate and orchestrate processes across both traditional physical networks and cloud environments. Itential was the only solution that could enable rapid development of automations, reusability for automation assets, and a modular approach to capabilities that could support multiple use cases and applications. With Itential, their NetDevOps team can quickly capture service requirements, orchestrate workflows to deliver a service that meets the requirements, and deploy to production through our: 

  • Multi-domain, API-first approach that provides support for hybrid infrastructure and enables automation across both data centers and multi-cloud providers.
  • No-code development and execution environment that allows everyone to create workflows and build reusable assets based on their domain expertise.
  • Ability to expose orchestrations northbound to systems like ServiceNow via API or automation catalog for self-service capabilities.
  • Over 300+ integrations, workflows, and data transformation assets available in the Itential Automation Marketplace, plus the ability to auto-generate integrations for in-house developed systems.
  • Ability to integrate with CI/CD pipelines and Git to support treating infrastructure as code.
  • Integrated security model with ability to control access at a granular API-call level, eliminating the need for a separate process for managing access and eliminating the risk of running untested scripts or unmanaged access.
  • Robust logging capabilities, enabling network architects to collect operational data and report on key metrics to demonstrate the realization of business benefits.

Almost immediately after working with Itential, we started to realize the true value of delivering services the same day without having to go through a reskilling process. We chose Itential because our environment is truly hybrid and their platform works best with both worlds.

Guruprasad Ramamoorthy, VP, Global Head of Network Architecture, Engineering & Operations

Accelerated Time to Deliver Network Services Through Automation

With Itential, the S&P Global Network Services team has reduced manual effort for multiple use cases by 80-90% and reduced completion times to hours instead of days. By enabling self-service automation for their network engineers, they’ve been able to reduce time to complete firewall configuration changes from days to minutes and firewall rule changes from minutes to seconds.

With Itential, the S&P Global network team can automate a higher level of activities more quickly and deliver them to users for self-service, accelerating their time to deliver value to customers, ensuring customer retention, expansion, and ultimately, satisfaction.

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