S&P Global Enables Self-Service to Deliver Network Services Same Day Through Automation with Itential

The Need for Self-Service

S&P Global serves customers across 80 countries that demand services to be delivered the same day they are requested. With 3 cloud providers and 10 data centers that service over 60 offices, the S&P Global Digital Network Services team needed to find a solution to enable self-service for their team to deliver products, code, services, and data in a nimble and easily consumable way to keep up with customer requirements. They were challenged with finding the right solution to achieve this that would not require a large amount of time to reskill their team so they could start seeing the business benefits immediately. After exploring the idea of building a solution themselves through open source options, they quickly realized the time and effort would take too long and require too many hours of development.

Building a Network Automation Strategy

In order to drive operational efficiency, S&P Global developed a network automation strategy using the Itential Automation Platform to automate and orchestrate both traditional and emerging network technologies and provide self-service capabilities in order to significantly improve agility, velocity, and to better align network services and capabilities with business objectives. This strategy encompassed use cases across configuration and compliance that scales to load balancing, DNS, data centers, and SD-WAN.

Accelerated Time to Deliver Network Services

By leveraging Itential’s low-code environment, they were able to see immediate results instead of spending time reskilling their team. By enabling self-service automation for their network engineers, they saw results such as reducing their firewall configurations from days to minutes and firewall rule changes from minutes to seconds. This severely accelerated their time to deliver value to customers, ensuring customer retention, expansion and ultimately, satisfaction.

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Self-Service Automation



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