TPx Communications Reduces Time to Provision SD-WAN Services from Hours to Minutes with Itential Automation

Manual Processes Delayed Provisioning for SD-WAN Customers

Relying on manual processes and at risk with losing customers and revenue due to delays in provisioning new SD-WAN services for their customers, TPx Communications needed to automate their SD-WAN provisioning. For this large managed services provider, it was important to find the right automation solution that could keep up with their customer demands as their sales team was outpacing the network and operations teams with over 600 new customers a month.

As a result, a backlog of new customers was building each month, which meant that customers were waiting several months for their new SD-WAN service. Causing unhappy customers and even cancelled customers, the network and operations teams realized the only way they would be able to pace was through network automation.

Why They Chose Itential for SD-WAN Automation & Orchestration

TPx Communications needed a solution that would eliminate their manual processes from start to finish, not just rely solely on automating the network change itself. They also had to find a way to do this without delaying provisioning even longer by having to dedicate time to training their team on new skills to automate successfully.

Itential’s ability to rapidly integrate with their entire ecosystem from Cisco NSO to their SD-WAN and firewall vendors meant they were able to easily build automations for their entire SD-WAN provisioning process from the moment a new service was sold to when a customer was provisioned. With Itential, they were able to provision SD-WAN faster than expected, without having to re-train their team through our:

  • No-code development environment that enables non-developers to build network automations that can open and update tickets, make network changes, ensure network function, and close tickets that reduce daily backlog due to manual changes.
  • Codeless Integrations to more than 100 systems and the ability to auto-generate integrations for in-house developed systems.
  • Multi-Vendor support for any SD-WAN and network technology.
  • Tight integration with Cisco NSO, enhancing their existing investments and improving their ability to automate complex network operations procedures.
  • Highly scalable platform built on a modern technology stack designed to scale up to the largest networks in the world.
  • Library of Pre-Built Automations based on industry best practices to get started quickly, dramatically reducing the time it takes to deploy network automation.
  • SaaS solution that provides ease of use, deployment, and management.

Solution Snapshot

Company Size

1,000+ Employees


Managed Services

Use Cases

SD-WAN Provisioning

NSO, fortinet, velocloud, and internal app

Results Snapshot

Accelerated time to provision a new customer from 2 hours to 5 minutes

We deploy and implement about 500-600 devices in a customer environment a month and before Itential, it took each of those implementations at least an hour to do. With automation, we’ve now shaved that process down to minutes per install, including the time of upfront data gathering.

– Norm Sullivan, Communications Enterprise Architect at TPX

Accelerated SD-WAN Service Provisioning through End-to-End Network Automation

With Itential, TPx Communications was able to successfully build end-to-end automations to provision new SD-WAN services, reducing the time and effort required to onboard a new customer. With over 20,000 devices, this has freed up their network and operations teams time to focus on automating even more use cases.

By leveraging the low-code environment in the Itential Automation Platform, TPx Communications can now focus on growing their business without having to grow their headcount.

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