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Futuriom 50: Top Cloud Trends & Private Companies 2024

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Every year, Futuriom names the strongest private companies in key markets for cloud and communications infrastructure and analyzes the trends driving those companies in the annual Futuriom 50 report.

Futuriom has identified hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, AI infrastructure, edge cloud, cloud cost management, cloud visibility, and cloud security convergence as the trends that will most significantly influence cloud and communications infrastructure spending and innovation, as organizations work to build the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure possible.

The Futuriom 50 represents the strongest, most exciting companies in the cloud infrastructure market.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud, Automation, & Platform Engineering: The Wave of the Future

The report highlights the rise of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure, with networking set to play a key part in enabling the evolution. For organizations to deploy their networking infrastructure quickly and efficiently in a complex cloud environment, there is a growing need for solutions that can seamlessly connect different environments and enable automation and orchestration.

In networking, key developments that will support the shift to hybrid and multi-cloud architectures include increased API use, the adoption of low-code programming approaches, and efforts to implement Network as a Service (NaaS) capabilities to accelerate and streamline how internal services are consumed. As a result, both infrastructure as code (IaC) and platform engineering practices are key priorities going forward.


Itential Listed as a Top Innovative Vendor

For the fourth consecutive year, Itential has been featured as a top innovator in cloud and communications infrastructure due to its unique capabilities operationalizing automation, orchestration, and integration across hybrid environments. Itential is featured for two trends: the shift to hybrid and multi-cloud and the growth of AI infrastructure.

Itential is purpose-built for NetDevOps teams, which the report calls the “key to bridging the gaps in multi-cloud environments.” Its ability to integrate across multiple domains and expose capabilities via API is key to enabling infrastructure as code and platform engineering approaches.

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  • Why Itential is a strong solution for supporting hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure through IaC and platform engineering.
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