Itential Network & Cloud Configuration Manager

Simplify and automate configuration, compliance, & remediation for network & cloud-native infrastructure.


Simplify & Automate Network Configuration with Itential’s Configuration Manager

It was challenging enough to keep existing on-prem network devices in compliance. Now, with the expansion of network infrastructure into multiple cloud platforms, the challenge of managing all of these new virtual devices in tandem with existing on-prem devices has increased substantially.

Networking teams require a new, modern solution to successfully address the challenges of Day 0 to Day N network device configuration deployments of existing on-prem infrastructure that must scale and adapt to include future infrastructure that will be cloud-native and SaaS-based networking services.

Itential simplifies and streamlines the task of Day 0 to Day N configuration management for networking teams by solving the problems that they face today.

Challenges with Traditional Approaches to Configuration Management

Disjointed Management Tools

Tools that do not function in coordination with one another and require human interaction in order to make a configuration change that can causes delay, inefficiency, and the potential for errors to occur in the process.

Multiple Sources of Truth

The reality is that multiple sources of truth already exist and will continue to exist, and this poses a real problem for device management, especially if it is done in a human-centric, manual process.

Configuration File Management

Manually maintaining configuration files for all network devices is not scalable and opens up the opportunity to misconfigurations and errors, especially across a group with multiple team members.

Human Intervention

There’s still a large element of human intervention required to “swivel chair” from the various systems in order to make changes, because these systems do not integrate with one another.

Moving from Control to Governance

Control over the entire infrastructure is no longer solely owned by the networking team, and they need a way to provide governance over dispersed infrastructure.

Multi-Cloud & Network Service Adoption

The network has exploded on to the Internet, and the networking team must now expand their domain and require a new set of tools and skills to embrace this future.

Intelligent Automation for Network Configuration, Compliance, & Remediation

  • Manage All Devices
  • Connect to Everything
  • Collect & Federate Data
  • Golden Configuration
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Network Governance

Easily Manage All Types of Network Configurations: Physical, Virtual, & Cloud-Native
Itential’s Configuration Manager leverages a simplified approach to Configuration Management and Compliance into Cloud infrastructure, allowing networking teams to discover and manage cloud-native network services like VPCs or VNets and treat them as if they were traditional network devices and translate their complex configurations into easily understood JSON objects.

Connect to Everything: Rapidly Integrate with Existing Systems
Itential’s API-first approach makes it simple for network engineers to automate changes across multiple controllers and multiple domains. These system integrations, called adapters, can be auto generated by the networking team so that as new systems are deployed, integrations can be quickly created by the end user.

Collect & Federate Data: Designed for Multiple Sources of Truth
Itential’s solution allows for fast integration into all of your systems, meaning the information contained within any of these systems can be made available the moment it is needed and a configuration change can take place with the highest quality of information regarding that device and its state in the network.

Simplify Your Configuration Tree: Golden Configuration Templates
Itential implements a single Golden Configuration tree that represents your universal baseline configuration. Shared configurations that are truly universal can be assigned to a base node, and new child nodes can be created with configurations that are applied to subsets of devices.

Intelligent Automation: Configuration Management, Compliance, & Remediation
Based on Golden Configuration, networking teams can schedule compliance checks or run them as needed on any part of the configuration tree and get immediate reporting, showing any configuration drift detected, provide a score based on the amount of drift, and offer the opportunity to remediate the drift with the proposed configuration statements.

Network Governance and Team Collaboration
Itential’s Configuration Manager application provides a simplified, streamlined approach to configuration management for traditional networking devices, and these same features can be applied to cloud-native network services like AWS VPCs, or Azure VNets. This enables networking teams to leverage the same powerful tools across any area of their network infrastructure to ensure all network elements, whether physical routers or virtual VPCs, are in compliance.