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How to Build an Automation Factory to Transform Network Operations

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In recent years the network landscape has evolved at an alarming rate with the introduction of technologies like public/private hybrid networking, SDN, SD-WAN, and virtualization of network functions as well as the demand for fully functional, remote worker access. With their dynamic, virtualized API-centric interfaces, these functions and applications have disrupted the former CLI-centric model, having introduced additional complexity to the operations and management of the network.

With this increase in demand, organizations are challenged with developing an effective automation program to ease the burden put on teams to understand, learn, and execute across the modern network landscape. One mistake most organizations make is simply choosing an automation tool instead of focusing on the entire automation strategy. An Automation Factory model can help avoid the common pitfalls associated with an ad-hoc, tools centric approach.

What You’ll Learn in this White Paper

Take a deep dive into the importance of developing an overall strategy for automation, the drivers for organizations to consider when creating their own Automation Factory, and how the Itential Automation Factory model can fit into an organization’s overall strategy.

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What is an Automation Factory?

An “Automation Factory” is an automation strategy that turns away from the common tool-centric approach and relies on clearly defined components of success. This model avoids ad-hoc automation practices that leave room for communication breaks, tool duplication, and lack of a clear and cohesive endgame goal.

What are the Components of an Automation Factory?

An Automation Factory comprises of 4 key components; People, Technology, Processes, and Metrics. Understand the importance of each component, the considerations to keep in mind, and real-world examples of how to plan each.

How Do You Measure Network Automation Success?

Before you embark on building an Automation Factory, uncover the key metrics that can help measure the impact and build the business case for network automation as well as how to calculate and apply each.