Itential Extends its Robust Integration with Cisco Network Services Orchestrator

Latest enhancements provide further automation capabilities critical to the management of the modern network


ATLANTA and BARCELONA, JAN 31, 2019 /PRWeb/ — Itential®, the leader in intelligent network automation, today announced at CiscoLive! EMEA 2019, that it has extended its robust integration with Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO), further enabling enterprises to accelerate their journey toward modern, automated networks.

The latest enhancements of Itential’s deep integration with Cisco NSO provides further automation capabilities that are critical to the management of the modern network. This integration provides the ability to define and implement intelligent network automation in a low-code environment, effectively closing the skills gap involved in network management by providing a drag-and-drop automation builder usable by both developers and network engineers. Additionally, Itential’s integration with Cisco NSO eliminates the need to hard code important pieces of information via scripts by providing a dynamic workflow with defined variables to accommodate constantly changing information about devices and services. Itential’s powerful YANG interpretation engine allows for dynamically generated reusable components based on the models from Cisco NSO and drag-and-drop creation of forms for use in network automation workflows or, in custom applications that can be built upon the platform by the operator.

“Itential provides exceptional tools that make the power of NSO quickly and easily accessible for anyone regardless of their technical expertise,” said Carl Moberg of Cisco. “For our customers, this reduces their time-to-value and makes the benefits of NSO approachable to a broader audience.”

Itential also extends the configuration management capabilities of Cisco NSO by enabling the definition of configuration templates. This capability allows a network operator to define standard configurations for a device type that can vary by region or use case for that device, run audit reports against the live network that checks for compliance against the defined standard, and conduct remediation of those devices found to be out of compliance either in a manual or automated fashion.

The enhanced Itential and Cisco NSO integration includes:

  • Leveraging NETCONF, REST and JSON RPC APIs to expose the full breadth of NSO capabilities within the Itential Automation Platform.
  • Full integration and management of NSO Commit Queues.
  • Execution of NSO Live Status calls from within Itential applications and workflows.
  • Defined NACM rules within NSO that are understood and honored within Itential applications and network automation workflows.
  • Group Based Access Control (GBAC) provides the ability to restrict access to network devices, workflows, forms and actively running jobs to authorized users only.

“Itential’s deep integration with NSO, developed through years of working with network operators and deployed in some of the largest, most complex global networks, has enabled us to provide a more accessible user experience through drag-and-drop automation creation and embedded network intelligence,” said Chris Wade, co-founder and CTO, Itential. “By extending the use cases possible with NSO, such as configuration standards compliance and remediation, beyond what NSO alone is capable of, our customers are able to realize the true benefits of modern, automated networks.”

Itential simplifies and automates the journey toward the modern network and bridges the gap between IT and networking teams by enabling users to easily build, execute and visualize Network Intelligent Workflows. Itential’s low-code environment provides a vendor agnostic, turnkey solution, connecting network orchestrators and controllers with IT Service Management applications and configuration tools to accomplish closed-loop network automation. Itential’s products are in use today within some of the world’s largest networks, including many of the top service provider and financial services companies throughout the U.S. and abroad.

To learn more about the Itential for Cisco NSO solution, please visit and watch our on-demand webinar here for a deep dive into how Itential extends NSO Automation capabilities.

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