The Modern Network

In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape, organizations are tasked with maintaining existing infrastructure while simultaneously adopting and integrating new cloud-based technology. However, network technologies have evolved at a slower pace and traditional methods of managing the network, through manual command line interfaces (CLI), are unable to scale and keep up with the pace of emerging technologies coming to fruition. We are entering a new era of network innovation where a modern network is needed to support and enable digital transformation.

The modern network is not only designed to enable automation but requires it to be effective. The key traits of the Modern Network are:


Programmable First


Cloud Native


Embraces Physical


Application & Service Focused


Open & Standardized

Experience the Power of
Intelligent Network Automation

Stop Coding.
Start Drag-and-Dropping.

Finally, you can get all the power of an automation development platform with the ease of use and accessibility of a low-code environment.  Use our drag-and-drop interface to build repeatable workflows that can be standardized and centralized for maximum control and compliance.

Go from Manual to Mind-Blowing with Network Intelligent Workflows.

With Itential, you can automate activities that cross multiple domains, applications and organizations using our Network Intelligent Workflows.  Say goodbye to logging in to multiple tools and coordinating across many groups, and start saving time and money while eliminating manual errors.

What will you automate? Here are a few ideas:

  • Branch Upgrades
  • Network Device Lifecycle Maintenance
  • Network Compliance Auditing and Remediation
  • Closed-Loop Network Maintenance
  • Security Policy Deployment and Maintenance

Got a Complex, Multi-Domain Network? Need to Integrate ITSM?

We’ve Got You Covered.

Itential serves as an API aggregator, providing a common interface for all systems, so you can leverage your existing technology investments. With Itential’s Network Intelligent Workflows, you can enable true turnkey, closed-loop network automation by connecting all of your orchestrators and controllers with your IT Service Management applications and configuration tools.

The Impact of Intelligent Automation

Reduction in time
to turn up new sites
reduction in cycle time
for device upgrades
improvement in
operations efficiency
increase in
router upgrades

The Benefits of Itential

Accelerate Change

Make changes at lightning speed with Network Intelligent Workflows that automate processes and make low-code development a network automation reality.

Reduce Costs

Lower your operations costs and mitigate risks by automating repetitive processes and manual change procedures, including pre- and post-check validation.

Close the Loop

Integrate your service management, inventory, monitoring and automation tools to provide seamless closed-loop automation capabilities.

Maintain Flexibility

Our standards-driven, model-based approach and universal network API give you the freedom of multi-vendor interoperability now and in the future.

Stay Compliant

Tighten network security controls and stay compliant by auto-remediation and management of ACLs, network policies and firewall rules.

Automate Operations

Reduce swivel-chair time between multiple disparate systems when making network changes and improve data quality to support automation.

Itential’s products have been a huge accelerator for our network automation efforts. Their approach to automating our network operations and maintenance procedures have helped us move rapidly toward agile, DevOps style practices and have exponentially increased our capacity for making network changes.

Director, Network Automation, North American Mobile Network Provider


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