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What We Do

Everything we do at Itential is designed to help you maximize your network operations. Our focus is programmability and its ability to help you get the most out of automation. To accomplish this, we provide:

  • – Network Automation knowledge and experience for the most practical and effective implementation
  • The Pronghorn Platform which provides the ideal environment for your automation efforts
  • – Advisory Services to assist you on your journey through network automation – finding enhancements today and helping you navigate your path to the future

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Learn more about Pronghorn and how it will allow you to take your network to the next level of automation.
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Network Operators are faced with ever-growing demands to do more, faster, and with fewer resources – trying to get more out of the systems, network, and people they already have, all while integrating newer virtualized systems into the picture.

Operators have been automating for years, with little to show for it. But how can they get more out of automation…

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Pronghorn is designed to leverage Orchestrators, Controllers, and Virtualization tools to provide an automation solution across physical and virtual networks.

Pronghorn provides a federated programmable platform that enables automation across your entire network. The platform interfaces across multi-vendor networks and OSS environments to provide automated operations not possible with legacy tooling in place today.

Pronghorn consumes southbound APIs to provide an environment within which purpose built, integrated applications can be deployed.

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Itential is dedicated to being thought leaders within the SDN and NFV communities.  We are constantly looking for the right team members to join this mission and help shape the future of the communications industry.

Big Ideas

Itential’s goal is for our employees to be leaders in this emerging market. If you are innovative and have a big brain you may be just who we are looking for!

Passionate People

Itential team members believe in what we do. We have an intense passion for improving our customer’s Service Velocity with industry leading solutions and services.

Fun Work Environment

Itential believes that an enjoyable and exciting work environment makes for happy, productive team members.