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Itential for Ansible dramatically accelerates network automation with Red Hat Ansible, extends its user-community and expands Ansible use cases.

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Product Features for Ansible

Itential includes a rich set of features, purpose-built to enhance and expand Ansible’s network automation capabilities.

Next-generation Network Inventory Engine
Traditional network inventory tools rely on cached data, CMDB data imports, and stale inventory information. Itential creates and manages a next-generation network inventory engine that is always up-to-date and leverages a real-time federated data model.

Centralized Management of Ansible Modules and Playbooks
Itential provides a centralized, consolidated management interface for multiple, distributed Ansible deployments.

Auto discovery of Ansible Modules, Playbooks, and Other Programmable Actions
Itential automatically discovers Ansible modules, playbooks, and other network configuration actions and makes them available for use within advanced network intelligent workflows and network service management automations.

Ansible Module and Playbook Execution
Use Itential’s Network Intelligent Workflow Builder to integrate and execute Ansible modules and playbooks and within close-loop network automation stories that cross multiple automation domains and geographic boundaries.

Network Automation Story Development and Visualization
Create and visualize advanced automation workflows that integrate Ansible capabilities with the rest of your network automation ecosystem and span all of your Ansible deployments as well as other orchestration and controller domains such as SD-WAN and cloud.

Network API
Itential provides a single network API by combining and integrating all of your configuration tools, device controllers and network service orchestrators into a single system interface, fueling your organization’s ability to leverage software-driven network capabilities. This allows you to integration your IT Service Management, monitoring, inventory and BSS/OSS systems once for the entire network automation ecosystem saving substantial time and money while mitigating complexity.


Itential Collaborates with Red Hat to Simplify and Accelerate the Journey Toward Automated Networks for the Enterprise

“Itential has been a huge asset to our network automation teams. We’d reached a point where we were receiving a lot of benefit from work we’d done with Ansible but, we needed to both expand the team members who could participate in our network automation projects and expand the uses cases toward more orchestration-like activities. Itential’s software took our Ansible deployment to the next level and we’ve really just scratched the surface of what their products can do.”
Senior Director, Network Engineering & Operations, Major US Financial Services Company

Enable Network Engineers to Automate with Ansible

Ansible is a powerful tool for network automation teams, but it can require a deep knowledge of both application script development along with a background in network engineering. Itential greatly simplifies network automation with Ansible by providing both a low-code development interface and a network intelligent workflow engine.


Simplify Ansible Network Automation Story Development
Itential’s Workflow Builder enables Ansible users to visualize network automation stories and leverage built-in network knowledge through network intelligent workflows.


Extend Ansible’s User-Community
Itential’s low-code development interface allows network engineers and operators to create and execute network automation capabilities without writing code, greatly expanding the number of people within the organization that can contribute to network automation initiatives.


Expand Ansible Use Cases
Itential’s rich network automation and orchestration capabilities allow organizations to expand the types of network changes automated with Ansible to include complex, multi-dimensional orchestration-level changes crossing multiple, diverse automation domains.


Simplify Ansible Module and Playbook Management
Itential provides a centralized management platform for distributed Ansible environments by integrating a common network inventory, auto discovering Ansible modules and playbooks, and integration Ansible capabilities within a network intelligent workflow framework.

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