Evolving from Individual Automation to Team Automation @ NetDevOps Days London 2023

Teams are starting to identify the benefits of working collectively on automation initiatives, not just in their own individual silos. Taking a collaborative approach enhances business agility, helps deliver application driven infrastructure, prepares your infrastructure for security risk, and improves resiliency for outages and partner disruptions. With this, why are network engineers and their teams still struggling to adopt network automation?

In this NetDevOps Days session, Itential CTO & Co-Founder Chris Wade leads an open discussion with network engineers on what it takes to evolve from individual to team automation and why that step is so important.

You’ll learn:

  • Why individual scripting only gets you so far.
  • Where you, your team, and your organization are on the network automation maturity model.
  • What it would take to feel comfortable sharing your scripts so app teams can self-service infrastructure.
  • How to get started seeing progress with automation scripts.
  • Why we need to think BIG when it comes to adopting automation and NetDevOps principles.

Video Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

03:24 Introduction & Overview of Discussion
04:26 Reasons to Evolve
07:03 Extending Scripts Beyond the Individual
09:44 Network Automation Maturity Model: How Teams & Orgs Evolve
13:11 Getting Started With Advanced Automation
16:21 Audience Answers: Why We Don’t Offer Self-Serve Today
24:26 What’s Needed So Application Developers Can Consume Network Services Safely
28:15 What Is NetDevOps?
29:55 Discussion Section: Data Federation, APIs, Platform Engineering, & More