Three Data Transformation Options with Itential’s JST Designer

With Itential, network teams don’t have to swivel chair between applications to gather data for simple network changes. Data transformation powered by Itential’s JSON Schema Transformation (JST) Designer tool enables teams to rapidly transform data from different sources of truth to the necessary format, saving time and limiting the potential for error.

The JST Designer tool gives users a variety of transformation options – validate incoming, revert to default value, and extract output. The validate incoming option checks if the input data is compatible with the incoming JSON schema. Revert to default value option uses the default value defined in the JSON schema for a property when the incoming value is not provided. Extract output option removes the output from its wrapper object if only a single outgoing schema property exists.

In this Itentialearn demo, see all three options in action and learn how to:

  • Validate incoming data using a JSON Schema.
  • Ensure backup default values are defined.
  • Extract and utilize an output for your next automation task in a workflow.
  • Access all options from the main workflow canvas in the JST task.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Introduction & Overview of Demo
00:24 Overview of Sample JSON Schema
00:46 Option 1: Validate Incoming
02:21 Option 2: Revert to Default
03:36 Option 3: Extract Output
04:31 Summary