JSON Schema Transformation Designer

Rapidly transform data between any IT, cloud, OSS, and network technology without writing code.

JSON Schema Transformation (JST) Designer is an app to build data transformations without writing code. This online tool makes it easy for developers to rapidly transform data between any IT, cloud, OSS, and network technology. By utilizing data transformations, users can create automations in the Itential Automation Platform (IAP), which integrate to any number of third-party systems.

This low-code, drag-and-drop environment makes it easy for anyone to build and test schema transformations. The Transformation Engine within IAP offers a repeatable way to transform API payloads or any JSON objects into any structure users need them to be in. This helps to transform the output of one API call into the correct input for the next API call.

JST Designer Features

  • Data Translation & Manipulation
    Translate and manipulate data between JSON objects to make automations faster and easier to build.
  • Schema to Schema
    Transform data from schema to schema in a way that reduces the footprint in an automation.
  • Reusable Data Transformations
    JSON Schema Transformations can be re-used between multiple automations and across multiple teams in IAP as Pre-Built Transformations.
screenshot of Itential's developer tool json schema transformation designer to build data transformations without writing code

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