JSON to JSON Schema Builder

Intelligently and dynamically generates JSON Schema based on user provided JSON objects.

JSON to Schema-01

The world is moving toward Open Web APIs for interactions between systems. With the advent of Cloud deployments, the primary methodology for automated interactions between systems is HTTP API requests. The payload (data) for HTTP APIs is JSON, and JSON Schema allows systems and developers to validate the JSON first before making a possibly expensive or long request.

Itential’s JSONtoSchema is a tool that intelligently and dynamically generates JSON Schema based on user provided JSON objects. This JSON Schema builder makes it easy to quickly visualize and update changes to the JSON Schema. Users can also edit the JSON Schema in an interactive UI after the initial inference. Most of the latest features and keywords for Draft 7 of JSON Schema are supported, with even more coming soon.

JSONtoSchema Designer Features

  • Auto Inference
    Automatically infer the JSON Schema backbone of any JSON, including examples, defaults, and even JSON Schema supported formats for strings.
  • Interactive UI
    Edit keywords for all attributes of the JSON Schema and see the updates in real time. COMING SOON: Add, change, or remove sub-schemas and leverage draft 7 keywords to conditionally apply sub-schemas (oneOf, anyOf, allOf, if, then, else, not).
  • Copy or Download
    Copy the final JSON Schema to your clipboard or download the JSON Schema as a .json file.
screenshot of Itential's developer tool JSONtoSchema for intelligently & dynamically generating JSON Schema based on user provided JSON objects

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