10 Questions to Assess Your Network Automation Readiness

The expansion of network infrastructure into multiple cloud platforms brings the challenge of managing cloud-based network infrastructure and services in tandem with an organization’s existing on-prem devices. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for network teams to ensure every device and service they are responsible for is in compliance and operating efficiently.

Why You Need to Automate

Traditional network configuration and compliance methods are extremely time consuming as they require network teams to perform manual updates and entries. As their networks continue to grow in today’s exploded network and cloud infrastructure, network teams are left with little to no time to analyze and improve their processes.

To effectively confront and manage their network, organizations need to assess if their current network configuration and compliance management tools and processes are holding them back from adopting true automation. While changing processes that are considered standard within an organization can be difficult, it’s important to ask yourself what will cost your business more:

Sticking with what you’ve been doing and trying to endure the inefficiency, unreliability, and drain on resources risking potential security threats or outages?


Taking a new approach and evaluating network automation solutions that can provide insight into your network across physical and cloud and enable changes to be made across CLI and API infrastructure, validating changes before they are made?

How to Assess Your Automation Readiness

This list of 10 questions helps organizations to determine if it’s time to take a new modern approach. By looking to identify problems in their current network configuration and compliance processes, organizations can pinpoint improvements they can make through automation and keep pace with today’s modern network.

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  • Learn more about why automation is so important in keeping pace with today’s network: With automation, your organization’s processes can grow alongside your network and easily meet challenges.
  • Dive deeper into why automating configuration and compliance management is the right choice for your organization: There’s no doubting automation’s importance in configuration and compliance processes, but it is important to understand exactly how it will set you up for success.