Create Pre-Builts for CI/CD: Promoting Your Automations

Itential provides an open source Automation Marketplace of 300+ integrations, automations, and transformations to make building automations faster and easier. In addition, Itential allows users to bundle their own automations, using the Pre-Built Wizard, to create their own Pre-Builts that can then be promoted in CI/CD pipelines and leveraged in higher-level Itential workflows.

Using Itential’s Pre-Built Promotion, users can promote a previously bundled Pre-Built in a CI/CD pipeline using a version control service such as GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket. Promotion can be done through the Itential Automation Platform, and then the bundled and promoted automation can be deployed into a new environment.

In Part 2 of this ItentiaLearn demo series, see step-by-step how to:

  • Install and run Itential’s Pre-Built Promotion for your automation.
  • Configure and define paths and required variables to determine how your automation will be promoted.
  • Verify pipeline steps are completed and check that your promoted Pre-Built has been correctly imported to your target Itential instance.

In Part 3, you’ll see how to use Pre-Built Promotion for automations that have already been promoted previously, leveraging a version control service and Itential’s CI/CD features to ensure consistent versioning for your automations.

Demo Notes

(So you can skip ahead, if you want.)

00:00 Introduction & Overview of Demo
00:30 Prerequisites & Pipeline Variables to Install & Run Pre-Built Promotion
02:46 Running Pre-Built Promotion to Promote Your Automation
04:36 Configuring Pre-Built Promotion to Run End-to-End
05:03 Overview of New CI/CD Pipeline in Progress
05:45 Verify Completion of Pipeline Steps
06:24 Verify New Pre-Built Imported to Target Staging Environment